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Whole School Curriculum Policy

‘If we follow Jesus, the world will follow us!’


We love Jesus and try to share this love with others.

We love and help everyone because we are all God’s special children.

We are happy when we do our best in our work and play.

We celebrate when others do well.

We help those in need.

We say sorry and forgive each other as Jesus showed us.

We learn to live in the love of God as Jesus taught us.

We aim to help our children to learn with confidence, understanding and self-discipline and to grow as healthy, caring, faithful and responsible individuals. We strive to offer each child the opportunity to develop their potential to the full in a truly caring, secure, enabling environment where a love of learning is fostered through enquiring, investigating, experiencing and excitement.


Parents and carers are our children’s first and most important teachers. Their support and involvement in our endeavours are vital. They know their children better than us, so we listen to them and share information, concerns and successes with them. Together we work to ensure a mutually supportive relationship that leads to success for the children.       

Under the guidance of Bishop Mark we follow the Religious Education programme of “The Way, The Truth and The Life”. We develop spirituality in our community through:-

  • Daily prayer and worship in class and in assemblies
  • Mass and appropriate liturgies
  • The sacramental programme
  • Sharing and exploring the gospels
  • Delivery of the curriculum through ‘St. Peter’s Family’
  • Care and respect for others both inside our school and parish community and beyond


We aspire to relate the teachings of Jesus and the traditions of the Church to the everyday experiences of our children, thus making our school a setting for living, sharing and celebrating our Catholic faith.  We place as much importance on the delivery of RE as that of English and Maths and apply the same rigorous standards and expectations in teaching and learning.   

Teachers plan a broad and balanced curriculum, in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum for children in Years 1-6, and Early Learning Goals for Early Years Foundation Stage. They have high expectations of all children, recognise individual needs within our diverse community, and support each child to achieve his or her full potential.

We believe that children will make their best progress if they develop a sense of responsibility for and awareness of their own learning. To this end, we engage children in a continuous cycle of target-setting and assessment of how well they have learned and progressed. All children are supported through positive relationships which develop self-esteem, promote well-being and resilience and provide the best possible opportunities for each child to learn and achieve. 

If you would like to find out more about the curriculum and you have a child in school, please approach class teachers in the first instance.

For all other enquiries, please contact the school office to speak with or meet the Head teacher.


Treating Children as Individuals
We understand that each child in our care is unique, with a unique set of experiences. This is at the heart of a Catholic education, and ensures that all gifts and talents are nurtured and developed.

We ask parents to inform us when anything significant happens outside of school, so that we can provide sympathetic support for your child.

What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.