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Parent Voice/What the Parents say

Spring 2019 Parents' Evening Questionnaire outcomes

Additional parental comments - things which are particularly good about St. Peter's. March 2019.


A fantastic team of teachers and assistants!


We are proud that our child attends St. Peter's. His faith development, learning and social emotional development are well catered for. We have seen our boy develop confidence and maturity since September. He loves coming to school. If our child is happy, we know he will do his best. Many thanks to all the staff for your commitment and hard work.




The opportunities offered to our children in the extra curricular activities are amazing - particularly in music and sports offered.  


The leadership and the staff are all brilliant and the atmosphere in the school so special.


We are thrilled that our children come to St. Peter's and would recommend the school to anyone. The children love coming to school every day and you are doing a brilliant job! 


The respect and and friendly manner that the older pupils show to the younger ones is a credit to the school.


The calibre and commitment of the staff at St.Peter's is worthy of special mention. 

Fundamentally the school is its staff and the school ethos and success does not come easy. There is obviously much unseen hard work to maintain such a high standard.


I am really pleased with how my child is enjoying every area of school life.


The way in which all year groups interact. It's very community focused.


All staff want the best for each child. They support them throughout their school life.


The office staff are VERY friendly and helpful.


Music has always been included within the children's learning which I feel is important.


The 'special friend' system for Reception children with Y6 is a lovely process and really helps the children integrate into the school with confidence. It also allows the Y6 children to gain confidence and show their maturity. My children have benefitted from this as they started and look forward to being part of this process again when they reach Y6. 


My my child loves his teacher and today was telling his grandparents how his teacher was the best in the whole galaxy!


The teaching assistants are very approachable and helpful. They know both of my children really well which aides their happiness at school.


There is good continuity with the class when they move up each year. The school provides a good choice of after school sporting clubs.


Thank you for such fantastic feedback!

Additional parental feedback - suggested things which could be improved. March 2019.


  • Direct communication with teachers.
  • Systems for selection and timings of lunch time meal.
  • Length of grass on field.
  • More Art.
  • Parents over running slots at Parents' Evening.
  • Playground equipment KS1 & 2.
  • Guidance for homework and selected subjects.
  • Identifying teachers and knowledge of their specialisms. Identifying governors. 


Thank you for your feedback. All points will be considered by Senior Leaders.

Feedback and suggestions from parents taken at Open Evening 28th September 2018.

What is particularly good about St. Peter's?


Staff seem to genuinely care for the children & the atmosphere is warm and friendly.

Teachers are approachable and care about children.

Quality education.

Good teachers.

It seems friendly and caring.

The teachers and all the things that the children learn are really fun.

Friendly staff - very approachable.

Great communication with parents.

The friendly welcome feeling.

Friendly welcoming community.

Very good standard and approachable staff.

Sense of togetherness and wider family.

Family feel.

Incorporation of music and art... just as important.

Friendly and supportive school.

Teachers available to talk.

Good community/family atmosphere.

Friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Friendly, make people feel welcome, good Catholic values.

The friendly and caring environment.

The caring ethos of the school.

Caring children, excellent teachers.

The warm and friendly staff - always happy to help.

Very nurturing and carries a family/community feel.

Level of teaching is great.

The family atmosphere and ethos of school.

Happy with everything to be honest

The culture and ethos. Cross class engagement. Staff commitment. It always feels (like tonight) people go the extra mile.

The warmth and the fact every child is known as an individual

How friendly the children are and how well they all know each other.

Communication with the parents.

There has been lots of communication so it feels like you have a good home/school partnership. Also very friendly and welcoming.

The care and support my child receives.

My child is happy to come to school.

The staff.

The ethos.

What could we do to improve?


Not sure yet as my son has just started.

Slightly smaller class sizes.

More choice with reading books.

Nothing comes to mind.


More after school clubs for the infants.

More advance notice of some events to help with planning.


Children attending evening events. Unsure re new discipline.

Keep it up!

School dinner menu is a bit mature for the younger ones.


As my child has just started there seems to be nothing I can see that I would improve.

Streamline communication channels e.g. all extra-curricular activities through ParentPay.

Communication to parents, this has improved but further changes are needed to involve parents.  

Text reminders to parents would be useful.

Advanced notice for activities such as child appearing in assembly.

Cannot think of anything in particular.

The start to the year - the reading should be given a greater focus. 

Communication by text.

More public speaking would really help my child.

Better reading scheme books.


Not sure really.


Any other comments?



Been impressed so far with how things are.


My son is happy and growing in confidence and learning every day.


We are really happy with everything.

My child is very happy coming to school.



Would be really good to have a Suggestion Box for parents.

Open evening was lovely - great to see teachers at the start of the year.


Fantastic school with very hard working staff.

Thanks for putting the evening on.

St Peter's is an excellent place to learn.

So happy kids are in this school.

Great school.

Keep up the hard work!

Thank you for your feedback. 

Suggestions for change will be carefully considered by senior members of staff.

Feedback and suggestions from parents taken at Parents' Evening, Autumn 2017:


  • Teachers are very supportive and take time to get to know each child.
  • The children at St. Peter's are polite and well mannered.
  • We're happy with everything and all of the teachers at St. Peter's!
  • The Parents' Evening provided a good understanding of yearly targets and how we can support at home.




  • A shelter at the Reception class door.
  • After school clubs that can be paid for with childcare vouchers.
  • More pupil led assemblies.
  • A closed Facebook group for each year group where pictures/messages are posted on a weekly basis.
  • Further information for parents concerning the 'Cloud' system used in class.



Parent feedback following our first Open Evening, October 2017:


  • A good idea! Good to see the work of students and have a general chat with teachers.
  • It was extremely helpful and a lovely way to gain an insight into life in the classroom.
  • Great to see the class and what the children were doing. Also nice to meet the new teacher.
  • Lovely to hear a little about how our child is doing and how we can help her at home. Thank you.
  • A lovely experience for my child to show me the classroom and together with the teacher, to talk me through 'school life'. This differentiated the evening from Parents' Evening. I'd love to do this each year!

Feedback from Parents taken at Parents' Evenings October 2016


Thank you to all parents who have shared praise for experiences that they or their child have at St Peter's detailed in the table below.


         Welcoming                                                       Welcoming

Friendly, supportive teachers
Well maintained school
Sense of community and supportive of all children
Making sure my child is happy in school
Friendly teachers and staff
Special friends assembly and welcome Mass
Special friends - giving older children responsibility for a Reception child
The school mission by Sion community was great!
Special friends assembly and buddy system
Leavers' assembly


Thank you to all parents who have shared suggestions for change or improvement at St Peter's

detailed in the table below.


NB: Items in bold have been addressed since the suggestions were first made.

Pay dinner monies online/by card (x 2)                                       Pay 

Ability to pay for things online - uniform, dinner money, trips

Different sports at break and lunch other than football.

We are continually reviewing our Sports provision.

More school trips and experiences.

Thanks to the PTA who have recently committed to supporting with the cost of a second coach for all year groups. This will help us to take the children to more learning experiences outside of school.

Text message system (x 4)

More opportunities to know what my child is doing well.

We have recently introduced: additional information concerning targets sent to parents in January, Homework sheets added to Class Pages on the website from Summer 2017 and an Open Evening at the beginning of the academic year. 

Sion community to come to our school again

This is being considered for the 2018-19 academic year.

More notice of events on Newsletter.

Bench outside Reception, please.

EYFS outdoor equipment (including benches) has been replaced, December 2017.

Please help us by contacting the school office:- Is this a suggestion for a bench for adults?