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School Aims Vision and Values


St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School

Aims, Visions and Values


At St. Peter’s, our aims, vision and values are at the core of everything we do. We are guided by the key message of our Mission Statement,


“If we follow Jesus, the world will follow us!”


They define our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, capable, resilient and responsible citizens able to enjoy a healthy life to the full.


Our inclusive school community works in partnership in meeting the responsibility of developing each child in every way – spiritually, emotionally, academically, physically and socially because each child, a unique creation of God and loved by God, deserves this.


As Christian educators, we strive to be in touch with the diverse nature of our ever changing world, and fully in relationship with the God who calls us to life.


Together, hand in hand, we are happy in the privilege of our daily work.


Catholic Education


At St. Peter’s School, living out our Catholic faith is an integral part of our daily lives. We maintain strong links with St. Peter’s Church and our local Catholic schools.


As part of our commitment to the Religious Education scheme, ‘The Way, The Truth and The Life’, we develop spiritually in the community through prayer and worship. Every morning there is a voluntary prayer in the Faith Room from 9:00 – 9:10am. All parents, carers and children are welcome.


Our pupils pray at regular times as part of their school day. This includes The Angelus at noon. In addition to traditional prayer, children are encouraged to write and share their own prayers. We have a school prayer which unites us:


Dear Lord Jesus,

You are our special friend.

We believe that you love us just the way we are.

Help us to find your Spirit in our hearts

As we show kindness to one another and follow in your footsteps.

Send us your Holy Spirit to guide us during our school day.



Each week the whole school gathers for assemblies, Collective Worship and hymn practice. We share The Wednesday Word with our pupils to support family preparation for Sunday’s Gospel. Our Parish Priest, Fr Peter visits school regularly, leading and guiding us in our faith.



Faith Through The School Year

Infants, and Y3 up to the Summer term, enjoy an age-appropriate Celebration of the Word service in school each term.


Junior classes join in the celebration of Mass and Advent / Lent Reconciliation each term. Family members are invited to attend.


Once our children enter Y3, they are encouraged to participate in the parish Sacramental Programme. The school works closely with St. Peter’s and St. Vincent’s Parishes to prepare our Catholic children for their First Forgiveness and Holy Communion. We also work closely with St. Simon’s school for a final Sacramental Mass and celebration.


The feast of St. Peter and St. Paul is marked by St. Peter’s and St. Simon’s school joining together for Mass at St. Peter’s Church.


Our children collaborate with peers from local diocesan schools at an annual ‘Together in Faith’ event.


Easter and Christmas are unique times of the year where our children are encouraged to reflect during Lent and Advent on religious events, away from the commercial influence, through prayer and charitable activities.


Throughout the year our curriculum provides opportunities for learning about other Faiths. There is particular emphasis in learning about Judaism and Islam.


Charitable Work

Being active in our faith we respond to the needs of others. Children play an intrinsic part in deciding the charitable works of the school at key times across the school year such as Harvest, Advent and Lent.


St. Peter’s school is a family which values all of its members as uniquely created in God’s image. We seek to inspire, develop, encourage and educate children to leave St. Peter’s with a strong understanding of their own faith and the world around them. We hope that all children become stewards of God’s earth, caring for the environment and its people with compassion.


Our vision can be summarised through the statement:


“In faith, we work together hand in hand to help

each child unlock their unique gifts.

Our light shines out to all.”







'St Peter's Catholic Primary school is special because it is unique in the school's own way. We have our own School Prayer and our very own Mission Statement which we all respect with our faith.'