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Spring 2013

Nurture groups are held each school term. Groups are lead by a member of staff or a governor and include children from Reception to Year 6. At the meeting, the children are asked for their opinions and ideas on a range of aspects of school life.

NURTURE QUESTIONS - Spring term 25th February 2013


  1. Internet safety – reminder of why we have Internet rules and what they are.

  2. Review bullying – What is it? What do you need to do if you are or you know of someone who is being bullied?

  3. Inform the children of the Anti - Bullying charter which was discussed in the School Council last term.

  4. Is there anywhere that they don’t feel safe in school?

  5. Is there anywhere they feel safe for a ‘time out’ by themselves and why?

  6. Is there anything that they are worried about?