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What our visitors say.

                        Feedback from visitors to school Open Morning 9th October 2019.

'A great morning, the presentation was very informative. I really enjoyed meeting Olivia and Lennon. Both were very polite, well mannered and an asset to the school.'


'Thank you for a very detailed tour! Shown lots of detail in each classroom.' 


'A great tour. Our guides answered lots of questions and showed my child exciting parts of the school for him.'


'Thank you for showing us around your lovely school. You were very helpful in answering all our questions,'


'A fantastic and informative morning about the school. Robyn and David were excellent tour guides. Such a wonderful school and great facilities.'


'Very informative. Thank you!'








 Feedback from visitors to school Open Mornings 9th October & 20th November 2018.

'The boys who showed us around your school were a credit to the school. We were very impressed with the early years’ provisions, especially the outdoor area. It is wonderful that as a school you don’t just focus on the core subjects, but also develop peripheral areas such as art, languages and sciences. The warmth and caring nature of the school shines through.'


'Very informative – great to be able to look around the school and meet the children. The kids all seem very happy and well behaved! We are impressed with the school as a whole. Thank you.'


'It has been a lovely and informative morning. This school was always out first choice and today we were reassured about out decision. We would consider ourselves very lucky if our child gets a place. Presentation and tour executed excellently and all questions we had have been answered to our satisfaction.'


'Very informative. The Year 6 boys did a great job of showing us around. I would definitely be happy for my child to attend St. Peter’s.'


'Really good Open Day. Very informative presentation and excellent tour by the Year 6 students. The children were very well behaved throughout the school.'


'Very informative presentation – very good message and ethos. Prayer room was a lovely idea and very nice to see. The pupils and teachers were all very open and welcoming. Facilities are fantastic!'


'A lovely friendly school, lots of opportunities for the children.'


'The Year 6 girls were fantastic guides around the school – it is a really personal touch having the children show us around. Really informative slideshow presentation answering questions as each slide went through. Loved the colourful vibes of each classroom – really showcasing the work the children do.'


'A fantastic and comprehensive Open Day. The best one I have been to in the area. Thank you for making this decision easier by giving the information I need up front. Very professional and friendly. Hope to see you in September 2019!'

Thank you for a very informative visit. Your children who guided me were an absolute credit to the school and I hope my daughter can attend here next year.


Lovely morning - very informative. Y6 children are a great advert for the school - great guides and very positive about the school. Thank you.


Very informative - children very mature and excellent tour guides!


Children very polite and knowledgeable. Staff think highly of the school and obviously dedicated to maintain outstanding status. Thank you.