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Summer 2017

Nurture groups are held each school term. Groups are lead by a member of staff or a governor and include children from Reception to Year 6. At the meeting, the children are asked for their opinions and ideas on a range of aspects of school life.

NURTURE QUESTIONS - Summer term 19th June 2017


  1. What did you think about the Holy Week assemblies this year?

  2. Is there anything that could be changed to improve the Holy Week assemblies?

  3. Did you like the Mad Science assembly and why?

  4. What did you enjoy about healthy week?

  5. Can you say at least one thing that you have learnt about during healthy week?

  6. Did healthy week change your mind about the food choices that you make?

  7. KS2 – Did you enjoy having the food at snack time? What is suitable to have at snack time?

  8. Transition into next year – What are they worried about? Can other children talk about things that their year groups do?

  9. Any other business?