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Year 5



This week, a group of Year 9 students from Harrytown High School led the Year 5's in an interactive, team based Maths competition. It was a great afternoon which the children really enjoyed. Many thanks to the Harrytown pupils and teachers.


Over the past few weeks, the children have been working on an Amazon Rainforest based art project. This week the children presented their final piece to the class in our Year 5 art gallery. The standard of work on show was breathtaking! Well done to all of the children.


This week, Year 5 went to St. James' High School for a 'taster' day. It was a brilliant day in which the children took part in a Textiles, German, Science and ICT lesson. It was also a great opportunity for the children to experience a day in the life of a high school student.


On Wednesday, Year 5 visited Jodrell Bank. It was a brilliant day! We took part in a Solar System workshop, looked round the space and planet pavilions and enjoyed a fantastic session in the inflatable planetarium.


This week, the children completed a 5K team running challenge.  In teams of 9, the children ran a relay style race, covering a combined distance of 5 kilometers.  


Over the past couple of weeks, the children have been working on an Amazon Rainforest based art project.  They started by drawing a Rainforst scene onto plain paper using HB, 4B and 6B pencils.  Following this, they experimented with using charcoal and then pastels to recreate their Rainforest scenes on sugar paper.  Their work has been fantastic!


As part of our 'forces' topic in Science, the children conducted a friction investigation on six different surfaces around school. They found that the surface with the most friction was the grass field and the surface with the least amount of friction was the wooden hall floor.


This week, Year 5 started their new RE topic: Life in the Risen Jesus.  The children learnt about Mary Magdalene's message from the angel and wrote a description of the event from her point of view.


This week Year 5 started a new block of PE lessons with Mrs. O'Hare.  During the session this week, we concentrated on sprinting.


Year 5's current Science topic is 'Forces.'  As part of our Science work this week, the children worked in teams to complete a forces definitions matching activity.


As part of our Holy Week celebrations, year 5 performed the Stations of the Cross to the rest of the school.  They did an amazing job!


The children have planned and written chapters 1 and 2 of the own mystery stories. The standard of their writing has been outstanding. I can't wait to read their final chapters next week!


This week, the Year 5's raised money with their Lenten games. Thank you for all of the hard work that went into them, it was a very successful week!


Over the past couple of weeks, the children have been bringing in spare coins to go towards buying a new defibrillator.  With the coins collected, Year 5 worked together to create an image to promote the importance of defibrillators.  Thank you for all the money that was collected.


As part of our PSHE focus, Year 5 have been looking at the dangers of Social Networking Sites.  The children came up with a dangers of SNS rap, which they performed to the rest of the school during Thursday's PSHE assembly.  They were brilliant!


This week, St. Peter's has celebrated 'Diversity Week'.  Throughout the week the children have taken part in many diversity themed experiences and activities, including: RISE theatre workshop, RISE theatre assembly, Syro Malabar assembly, Dementia awareness assembly and workshop, 'life with Cerebral Palsy' presentation by a Y6 and much more.  It has been a fantastic week!


The children have each created an image to show what 'diversity' is and what it means to them.  They all came up with brilliant ideas and beautiful images!


This week, Year 5 visited Harrytown High School to take part in a food DT lesson.  The lesson was linked to last terms USA and Canada topic.  We had a great time making macaroni cheese and blueberry muffins.  Thank you to Mrs. Chadwick and her assistants for a brilliant lesson!


In English, we have been basing our work around the story 'Tuesday' by David Wiesner.  This week Year 5 became detectives, by writing a police interview with a key witness from the story.


Happy New Year!

This week, the children took part in their first 'Restorative Champions' session with Mrs. Eccles.  They thought about the importance of relationships and what they need to do to maintain, nurture and fix relationships.  Thank you Mrs. Eccles!


Following our unit of work on performance 'slam' poetry, this week Year 5 held their own Poetry 'Slam', in which the children performed their original poems to the rest of the class.  We had a great morning sharing our work.  The children performed with such wonderful confidence and were a pleasure to watch.  Well done Year 5! 


This week, James from Hazel Grove Golf Club came in and delivered a taster Tri-Golf session to Year 5.  The children really enjoyed the lesson, showing great enthusiasm and skill.  They will all be playing off scratch in no time!  Many thanks to James.


Linking to our 'Journey across North America' topic, this week we have continued working on a 'Kids of America' dance, led by Mrs. Booth from St. James' High School.  The children have worked with fantastic enthusiasm and have demonstrated great talent!

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This week, Year 5 have been practising their rapping and beat-boxing with Mr. Smith during our music lessons.  Our music work is linked to out topic of North America.  We have been focusing on various music genres: Rap (New York), Country music (Nashville), Jazz (New Orleans) and Motown (Detroit).


This week, Year 5 have been focusing on the gestation periods of different animals in our Science work.  We used fruit and veg to show the size of the foetus as it develops throughout the human mother's gestation period.


This week, we plan and wrote our own 'Just So' stories in the style of Rudyard Kipling.  There were so many wonderful stories, such as: 'How the Parrot got its colours', 'How the Fish got its gills' and 'How the Wolf got its howl' to name a few!


The Year 5's really enjoyed Friday's visit from a professional Opera singer, along with the rest of the school!  The children joined in the singing, dancing and had lots of fun.


This week in Maths, we have been practising counting forwards and backwards in steps of 10, 100, 1000, 10000 and 100000.  The children worked on their strategy, before applying them to a range of problem solving activities.


This week we started our outdoor PE lessons.  This half term, our focus will be Basketball, which links to our Autumn term topic of 'North America.' 


It has been  a great first week back and the children have made a wonderful start to the Year.  On Tuesday, we played some team building games which focused on effective communication and cooperation.  The children displayed fantastic discussion, communication and listening skills.