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Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 Class Page 2022-2023

Friday 16th September

What a fantastic start to the year! Year 3 have thrown themselves into their learning about the Stone Age, especially about the cave paintings that people created! We were lucky enough to be able to go outside and have a go at creating some of our own cave paintings on the walls outside our classroom.



Welcome to Year 3's Class Page 2021-22!


Friday 15th July

This week, Year 3 have been learning about 3D shapes. We have been exploring the properties of 3D shapes and had a go at making some of them using a net. We really enjoyed making the shapes, and used them to help us answer a range of questions about 3D shapes. 

Friday 8th July

This week in Y3, we were learning about time. To help us, we completed races of running, jumping, hopping and skipping which we had to time using stopwatches. We then had to record the time of each race in a table and then compare our times with the rest of our group.

Friday 1st July

This week in Music, the children were having a go at making their own forest noises using different instruments. First, they played a game, where they had to make an animal noise at a different time to everyone else in the class. Then they had to try and make their noise using an instrument. It was a lot of fun!

Friday 24th June

On Monday, Year 3 went on their school trip to Chester Zoo! It was a fantastic day for everyone, we got to see all the animals and enjoy the sunshine! In the afternoon, we went to a workshop all about rainforests which was really interesting. We got to explore lots of different stations and understand more about the rainforest and why it is so important at each one. We were all so tired on the coach coming back to school, but it was worth it! Thank you so much to all the adults that helped make the day possible!

Friday 17th June

This week marked the end of Jubilee celebrations in Y3. The children decorated crowns for the school competition, and then we asked Y6 to choose our class winners. The children then spent some time learning about the Royal family and had some fantastic questions- we even had a look at where each member of the Royal family lives! Then, we got a surprise in the hall! We had cakes and juice to celebrate the Jubilee! Then we all sang the national anthem, complete with flags!

Friday 27th May

Today was the start of Y3’s Jubilee celebrations! To celebrate, we created Union Jack pictures using our fingerprints and then we completed a reading comprehension all about the Queen’s Jubilee! It was really interesting to learn so much about such a historic event!

Friday 20th May

This week in English, Y3 have been looking at adventure stories. The class watched the short film 'Taking Flight' and used this as inspiration for us to create their own pieces. They planned, wrote and edited their pieces we are really proud of them! 

Friday 13th May

This week during our Forest School lessons, we listened to the story of ‘The King of Tiny Things’ again. This inspired us to go on bug hunts, create dens and even build small villages for the King of the Tiny Things to live in! We are enjoying our Forest School sessions so much!

Friday 6th May

This week, Year 3 have been learning about Fractions. In our active maths lesson, we used cubes to help us make halves, quarters and thirds. We had a great time and became fraction fantastic!

Friday 29th April

This week Y3 enjoyed their first Forest School session. They had a fantastic time exploring the woodland areas around the school and enjoyed finding different creatures together. They worked in teams to make dens and bridges and listened to the story 'The King of Tiny Things'. Can't wait for next week! 

Friday 22nd April

Today, we celebrated St George's Day by wearing red and white to school. We spent the day learning about the British Values of tolerance, respect, the Rule of Law and democracy. We completed lots of activities, such as creating our own laws, reading a fable about respect, creating tolerant characters and even drafting an email to our local MP! 

Friday 8th April

And that's a wrap on the Spring term! What a week it has been! We began the week by sharing our class service with the school, retelling the events of Palm Sunday. We had a 'Miss Ditte's Choice' day on Wednesday, and she decided to teach us all about South Korea. We learnt about the culture in Korea and we learnt how to speak and write the language. We also got to listen and sing along to some K-pop! (Black on Black by NCT was the class favourite!). On Friday, we then had 'Y3's Choice' day and we designed our own logos! It was fun to express ourselves in just 1 image. It was a great week to end the term with!

Friday 1st April

This week, Y3 were lucky enough to be able to watch a puppet show all about the story of Easter. We loved watching all the different puppets, and we enjoyed laughing and singing along with the songs. It reminded us about why the season of Lent and Easter is so important, and helped us to focus our minds on this Holy Season. 

Friday 25th March

This week, Y3 were looking at conversational poetry, particularly the work of Michael Rosen. To help us to plan our own pieces, we had to improvise a conversation between an adult and a child to help us create a script to base our poem off. The pieces of drama were fantastic and certainly made us laugh a lot!

Friday 18th March

This week, Y3 were investigating forces in science by pulling a toy car across different surfaces. They discussed how they could make their experiment a fair test before going out and completing it! The surfaces they tested were: the carpet, the desks, the grass, the concrete and the stones in the prayer garden. They gave each surface 3 attempts and had lots of fun!

Friday 11th March

Year 3 have had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day. They had to design and pitch a new chocolate or sweet to be sent to Willy Wonka to make in his factory, they made bookmarks, learnt how to make a fox face out of Origami and even completed a Roald Dahl inspired Escape Room! It was lovely to see everyone dressed up and enjoy a lovely day!

Friday 4th March

While Year 5 were away at Kingswood, Year 3 were lucky enough to have a go at Forest School and they loved it! They were able to climb trees safely and play games with sticks. It was a fantastic experience and we hope that we are able to try it again soon. 

Friday 25th February

This week in English, Year 3 have been looking at performance poetry and had a go at performing some of their own. We had a look at the poems 'Arundel Swimming Pool' by Robert Hull and 'Grrr' by Francesca Beard. We tried to use as much expression as we could to make our performance interesting to our audience- some people even added actions! 

Friday 11th February

This week it was Children's Mental Health Week. In Year 3, we worked on a large amount of activities to promote wellbeing in our class. We first had a go at practicing mindfulness by thinking about our lives and recognising what we were grateful for. Then, we thought about how we would like to grow throughout Year 3 and set ourselves targets for growth for the rest of the year. Throughout the week, we had a go at some Harry Potter Yoga in the classroom which was really fun!

Friday 4th February

This week to celebrate Chinese New Year, we were very lucky as Miss Ditte was able to teach us some Mandarin! First we learnt about the different tones in Mandarin and then we learnt how to say 'Hello' and introduce ourselves, as well as learning how to say 'Happy New Year!'

Friday 28th January

This week, we read the story 'The day I swapped my Dad for 2 Goldfish'. This inspired us to create our own swapping stories. First, we worked as a group to plan our piece and then used this to create our own piece of drama.

Friday 21st January

This week in RE, Year 3 have been learning about the story of Zacchaeus. We had a go at acting out the story and performed some amazing pieces of drama. 

Friday 14th January

This week, Year 3 had their first PE lesson with Mrs O'Hare and we got to have a go at playing tag rugby! We practised grabbing tags off other players and got to play some fun invasion games. We can't wait for next week!

Friday 17th December

This week, Year 3 celebrated their class liturgy, all around the theme of Joy. We shared baubles we had made about what makes us happy and ideas for how we could share our happiness with other people. We were especially lucky to be able to share our hard work with our parents and carers who came to watch.  

Friday 10th December

This week, Year 3 got to go on a Christmas Trail at Hazel Grove Baptist Church and it was AMAZING! We got to travel through the settings of the Christmas story and at the end, we saw Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. It was a great day out and it certainly helped us to get in the Christmas spirit!

Friday 3rd December

This term in computing, Year 3 have been working hard to create their own animation. We have designed our own characters and stories and then coded all the action on Scratch! Click on some of the links below to see the finished products!

Friday 26th November

This week, we have been learning about Road Safety and The Green Cross Code. We talked about what we could do to be a safe pedestrian on the streets and how we could be a good passenger in a car. We made posters to help share our message with others.

Friday 19th November

This week was anti-bullying week. In Year 3, we learnt about gender stereotype bullying, where people get told that they cannot do things simply because they are a girl or a boy. We created pieces of drama based on this and presented them to the class. 

Friday 12th November

This week was National Maths Week. To celebrate, Year 3 had a go at completing an escape room where we had to work as a team to complete maths problems to try and work out the combination to a locked door. The questions were quite hard, but by working together, we managed to crack the code! 

Friday 5th November

As part of our guided reading work, we have been studying 'Fantastic Mr Fox' by Roald Dahl. Today, the children drew some fantastic drawings of Mr Fox, labelling how they thought he might have felt at the end of chapter 8. 

Friday 22nd October

This week as part of our learning about Black History Month, the children studied Martin Luther King Jr. We learnt about his life and the part he played in the Civil Rights Movement in America. We created a timeline, a fact file and wrote our own versions of his famous 'I have a dream' speech. 

Friday 15th October

Today is Global Handwashing Day! To celebrate, Year 3 discussed why it is important to wash our hands and when we should wash our hands. We then designed our own soap bottles with our best tips for super handwashing!

Friday 8th October

This Thursday was National Poetry Day! To celebrate, Year 3 had a go at creating their own poems, all surrounding the theme of 'choices'. We then practiced our poetry reading, as we performed our pieces to the class.

Friday 1st October

This week, as part of our celebration of European Day of Languages, the children had a German Lesson with Mr Webb and then learnt a range of greetings in French, Spanish and Italian! We then had a look at the Greek alphabet and decorated our names in Greek. 

Friday 24th September

This week as part of our computing topic- 'We are Programmers', we watched a range of animations on Scratch. We then  discussed what made these animations good, and we can't wait to start animating our own short films!

Friday 17th September 2021

This week the children have produced some fantastic RE work. They have written beautiful prayers to thank God for their families, as well as coming up with a wide variety of questions for us to ask Father Peter!