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Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 Class Page

2023 - 2024

Friday 2nd February

This week, the Year 4 class have had their final lesson on coding courtesy of Arm. A big thank you to Arm and the fantastic staff that have helped inspire our class to learn more about software. In the session, we made our own plastic pets and coded songs for them to sing and words for them to spell using coded Micro:bits. The class also adapted a poem about trains in the style of Orphism as introduced by Sonia Delaunay by creating some wonderful paintings. Some really creative work on display this week. Well done!

Friday 12th January

In our first full week back since Christmas, the children in Year 4 have written letters to each other while pretending to be citizens of Pompeii. They have also learned how to write numbers 1-15 in binary following our visit from Phil and Fatih at Arm. Finally, the class has performed their interpretation of the colour red and a matching soundtrack for the Pink Panther cartoon intro in Music.

Friday 22nd December

This week, the children in Year 4 have made their own Christmas cards in the form of postcards from Bethlehem and 2024 calendars marked with constellations for each month. Also, with Christmas round the corner, they got a magical visit from Santa Claus himself! Lastly, the students pulled off an outstanding performance at this year's Christmas Carol Concert. Well done to you all and Merry Christmas!

Friday 15th December

This week, the children in Year 4 learned about Beeing Resilient from Peter H. Reynold's 'The Dot' and created their own artwork to reflect their resilience. They also created fact families and groups of blocks out of multiples of 3, 6 and 9 in our Active Maths lesson. Lastly, we all enjoyed a fantastic Christmas Dinner this lunchtime. Thank you to all the dinner time staff and everyone who helped set up the hall!

Friday 8th December

This week, the children in Year 4 wrote about the positive and negative impacts that humans can have on the environment and designed a poster to spread awareness. They have also made their own Christmas decorations to be hung up in class!

Friday 24th November

This week, the children in Year 4 wrote a piece of advice to the main character from our class book ‘Leon and the Place Between’. The advice was written in the second person and had to reference whether or not Leon should volunteer for a magic trick. 

Friday 17th November

This week, the children celebrated ‘Maths Week England’ by enjoying an active maths lesson. They were paired up and had to travel around the hall on a maths treasure hunt! They had to work together to solve problems at each station.

Friday 10th November

This week, the children learned how to use spreadsheets in our computing lessons. They created a multiplication game, learning about cells as well as how to highlight, change colour and add an outline.

Friday 3rd November

Today, the children created a storyboard of ‘Jonah and the Whale’. They first heard the story when ‘The Grovers’ (the puppets from Hazel Grove Baptist Church) shared it with them earlier in the week. Then they read the story again in class, discussing the message that we should always trust in God.

Friday 20th October

This week, the children in Year 4 recognised Black History Month by learning about the contributions of black people during WW2. They discovered that the British government invited black people from a range of countries (that were part of the British Empire) to support in the war effort in different ways. 

Friday 13th October

This week, the children in Year 4 used role play to further understand the story of ‘David and Goliath’ in RE. 

Friday 6th October

This week, the children in Year 4 planned and wrote their own versions of ‘Gorilla’ by Anthony Browne. They chose different animals and main characters, and changed some of the key details, but used the same basic format to support them.

Friday 29th September

Yesterday, the children enjoyed a tag rugby lesson in PE. Mr Roberts supported children to understand that, when playing rugby, the ball can only be passed behind. 

Friday 22nd September

This week, the children in Year 4 have been finding 10, 100 or 1000 more or less than a 4-digit number. They used place value charts and counters to help them understand before completing written calculations.

Friday 15th September

This week, all of the children in Year 4 have a had a wonderful time baking tasty treats! They learned about hygiene in the kitchen, then followed two different recipes to make fairy cakes and jam tarts. These lessons formed part of our ‘Seasonal Foods’ topic.