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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Friday 27th January 

This week, Y3 have been looking at the Polynesian song, ‘Tongo’ in music. We learnt the words and the tune and used our hands to help us keep time with the song. We learnt about call and response songs and used them to help us perform this! We hope you enjoy our performance!


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Friday 20th January

This week our classroom was transformed into a Stone Age village as part of our new English unit, ‘Stone Age Boy.’ We acted out lots of different roles inside a Stone Age village and had to all work together to help our village succeed. We then had a village meeting at the end of the day where we reflected on our day, and then had to write a report to our village chief, using the present perfect tense.

Friday 13th January

This week, Year 3 began their new PE topic of dance. We have been looking at dance moves inspired by the Romans and enjoyed creating our own routine to a piece of music, containing moves inspired by a Roman army heading into battle. 

Friday 16th December

This week, Y3 have been getting ready for Christmas! We designed angels to go around our classroom and today we had our Christmas dinner! It was great to be able to eat altogether and listen to some Christmassy music!

Friday 2th December 

This half term in PE, Y3 have been learning how to play dodgeball. The children have really developed their throwing and catching abilities and have been able to even apply some tactics and new techniques into their play to really elevate their matches!

Friday 25th November

This week, Y3 have been working on their computing topic of Scratch. The children have enjoyed creating a range of short animations and exploring all that Scratch has to offer! We tried using the text-speech option to show the dialogue between our characters before using the repeat tool to create looped actions to create shapes! 

Friday 18th November

This week, Y3 have been learning about Judaism, and have been particularly the Mezuzah and Shema. To help in our learning, we watched a range of videos and practised our note taking skills. We then had a go at constructing our own Mezuzah- which was quite challenging!  

Friday 11th November

This week, as part of their RE topic, ‘Mary our Mother,’ Y3 have been looking at Mary’s visit to see Elizabeth following the Annunciation. The children had a go at acting out a dialogue between Elizabeth and Mary, and imagined what sort of questions they would have for each other following Mary’s visit


Friday 4th November

As part of their topic, ‘Where does our food come from?’, Y3 have been looking at deforestation to make room for agriculture, and the effect that this has on the environment. The children made excellent, informative posters, packed full of information about an important cause. 

Friday 21st October

Today, we had the launch day for TT Rockstars and Year 3 were ready with their best rock gear to enjoy the day! We spent some time on TTRS trying to get some final points in for our girls vs boys battle! We also got a chance to listen to some rock songs, and enjoyed listening to some new songs!

Friday 14th October

This week, Y3 constructed their own mini-greenhouses using lollipop sticks and plastic. They worked really well as a team, and supported each other when dealing with collapsed structures! Their greenhouses were very impressive and managed to successfully meet all of our design criteria!

Friday 7th October

This week, as part of our new DT topic about making mini greenhouses, Y3 have enjoyed investigating the strength of 3D structures. We experimented using paper vs card, and using a range of different objects to help reinforce our structures. 

Friday 30th September

We have been feeling French in Y3 this week! We celebrated European day of languages on Monday, and discussed why learning a language is important. Then, in our French lesson, we learnt some classroom expressions, which we practised using this song!

Levez-vous, asseyez-vous!

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Friday 23rd September

Another great week in Y3! This week the children have continued learning about the Stone Age, and enjoyed making some 'antler' headdresses inspired by Star Carr. We discussed why people in the Mesolithic period may have worn these and how they could have made them.

Friday 16th September

What a fantastic start to the year! Year 3 have thrown themselves into their learning about the Stone Age, especially about the cave paintings that people created! We were lucky enough to be able to go outside and have a go at creating some of our own cave paintings on the walls outside our classroom.