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Year 4

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RE Summer Term 2

Friday 12th July

Some amazing design work in Year 4 this week! The children have been making junk models of some of Manchester's most famous buildings. They have shown great enthusiasm and teamwork to bring their initial designs to life.

Friday 28th June

This week the children had a coaching session from Ali, one of the coaches at Cheadle lacrosse club. It was a great session and the children mastered some of the basic skills.

Friday 21st June

This week, the children visited Cheadle Mosque to learn more about Islam. It was a wonderful visit for all the children and they learned a huge amount. Have a look at the photos below which show some of the Islamic traditions they experienced.

Friday 14th June

A super first week back included some learning about classification of animals. The children created some excellent branching databases to help classify the creatures.

Friday 17th May

Amazing art work in the Year 4 class this week. The children have been learning about Lowry as part of their Manchester topic so this week the focus was on one of the techniques he used, gradient blending. The children showed great patience and skill to practise this technique.

Friday 10th May

Tennis coaching started this week. The children got to show off their net and racket skills to Mark, our local tennis coach, and he was quite impressed with the talent on display. Wimbledon here we come!


Friday 3rd May

To mark St George’s day, the children have been learning about tolerance and respect. The pictures below show the excellent group discussions and idea building work about stereotyping. They finished the session by writing some poems titled ‘Tolerance v Intolerance’.

Friday 12th April

This week we celebrated the events of Holy Week in school. Below are some images of Year four's assembly telling the story of The Last Supper. Below the slideshow are two examples of the children's work about Palm Sunday.

Friday 5th April

Lenten fundraising

An amazing effort by all the children with their Lenten games this week. They have shown great creativity, been organised and worked very hard to raise a fantastic amount towards the Mission Together fund.

Well done everybody, and thank you, parents, for all your support in preparing for this week.

Friday 29th March

The children had a superb trip to the Dewa Roman experience in Chester. Have a look at a selection of the photos below.

Friday 22nd March

Another busy week and Year 4 are beginning to get excited for their trip next week. This week they have been preparing for the trip by learning about Roman armour and life in the army.

I have been delighted by the children's enthusiasm for Times Table Rockstars this week. They have all worked hard to reduce their average speed in answering questions. Well done everybody!

Friday 15th March

The children have started dance in PE this week. They focused on shapes, levels and facial expressions when performing to Roman themed music.

Friday 15th February

Maths week! What a week it has been. Some wonderful learning has taken place and the children have shown tremendous enthusiasm for all the activities they have been involved in. The photos below show just some of the highlights from the week. Have a great half term break!

Friday 8th February

Outside of normal curriculum, the children recognised Children's Mental Health week and National E-safety day. The children produced short videos providing tips on how to stay safe when playing online games. They also took part in some guided meditation.

Friday 1st February

SNOW! The highlight of the week for most of the children was Wednesday. The children (and some staff) spent time on the field making snowmen, some of which were still standing on the field at the weekend.

Friday 25th January

The children have written some excellent biographies this week. The pictures below show just a few examples of the variety of famous people that the children decided to write about.

Friday 18th January

The children had a lot of fun in Science this week when making plastic cup and string telephones. They were trying to understand how sound travels by using them with the string loose, with the string taut, and with the string going round a corner.

Friday 11th January

We've see some super work from the children during the first week back after Christmas. They started PE with Mrs O'Hare, who is here to teach the children invasion games skills, and also help Mr Reynolds develop his own skills in teaching netball and hockey.

Friday 14th December

The children have been busy tasting festive treats from around Europe. So far they have tasted some traditional Polish cakes. They will be tasting more next week.

Friday 7th December

Year 4 took part in our coffee and music afternoon. They sang a lovely festive song to get us in the mood for Christmas!

Friday 30th November

Super science on show in Year 4 this week! The children investigated the effects of different contaminants on the time it takes for ice to melt. They each tested four different contaminants to see which made the ice melt in the quickest time. They also decided to look at the effects of temperature by leaving some ice in a warm place and some ice in a cool place. The time lapse video below shows the ice meting in the warm environment.


Still image for this video

Friday 23rd November

This week, Year 4 spent some time learning about race bullying. They created videos explaining what race bullying is, and how we can educate people about it. Below is one example of their work.


Still image for this video

Friday 16th November

The children produced some amazing homework during half term. Here is just a small sample of their research about a European country.

Friday 9th November

Lots of fitness work in Year four this week. Swimming, circuit training and Boxercise on Wednesday, followed by 'Smile for a mile' on Thursday.

Friday 2nd November

Year 4 have been exploring liquids and solids this week. They looked at 6 different materials (some liquid, some solid) and discussed their different properties. They then decided the properties that categorised them as a liquid or a solid.

Friday 19th October

The children were keen scientists this week. They worked in pairs to make some excellent buzz wire games. Take a look at the pictures below to see their work.

Friday 12th October

This week we spent some time thinking about our Mental wellbeing. Wednesday was world Mental Health and we marked this by talking about and making short videos about small feelings and big feelings. the clip below is taken from one of the class videos.


Still image for this video

Friday 5th October

The children celebrated Harvest Festival and National Poetry Day this week. The images below show some of the excellent information sheets that the children created using PicCollage.

Friday 28th September

A very physical week in Year 4 this week. All children ran at least half a mile in our first 'Smile for a mile' run. They all ran brilliantly, and most ran with a smile. They also used the apparatus during Gymnastics. What an active week!

Friday 21st September

Some more super science work this week. The children made predictions based on circuit diagrams. They then built the circuits to test their predictions.

Friday 14th September

Some excellent work in all areas this week. The photos below show some Science work on electric power, and place value in 4 digit numbers in Maths.

The link for this week's Maths homework is above the homework folder link