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Year 6

Whitby day 5

The final day! The children packed up brilliantly this morning before we set off for Eureka. The children explored some of the museum before experiencing a 'Superhero' workshop where they learned about some creatures with extraordinary skills. 

Whitby day 4

Despite the disappointment of the football we rose with a spring in our step on Thursday. Today was one of the activities that many of the children had been looking forward to the most - Flamingo Land! Everyone went on at least one ride and some children were very brave in trying out several of the more extreme rollercoasters. We finished the day by having fun on the beach!

Whitby day 3

Another busy day of activities started with a trip to Robin Hood's Bay. The children spent some time hunting for crabs in the rock pools and fossil hunting on the beach. They had a great time and caught many crabs and snails, they even managed to collect a sea anemone! In the afternoon we climbed the 199 steps at St Mary's church and had a tour of the church. The day finished with swimming at Whitby Leisure Centre and sadly, the World Cup semi-final.

Whitby day two

What a day! English breakfast and Mini monsterz and ‘fish n chips’ and shopping in Whitby town and a walk down by the sea and more dinner and a visit by Rose the storyteller and some hot chocolate! Roll on day three!

Whitby day one

The children have had a great first day. They were fascinated during the tour of York Minster and enjoyed learning about Victorian games at Beck Isle museum in Pickering. We arrived safely at Sneaton Castle at 5PM, before eating a delicious meal. See below for some pictures from the day.


Friday 22nd June

This week and last week, Year 6 welcomed some students from St. James' High School into our class to help us with our basic French skills. All children recapped greetings and numbers and also learned the French words for sports and countries participating in the World Cup. 

Friday 15th June

Yesterday, Year six completed 'Smile for a Mile', where they ran continuously for 15 minutes. I was extremely impressed with everyone, they all challenged themselves to achieve the best that they could.

Friday 25th May

This week, some children enjoyed spending the morning at the Chillfactore where they participated in activities such as tobogganing, sledging and igloo-building. They were split into two teams, partnering with past pupils from St. Peter's, and the groups achieved second and third place. All children impressed with their attitude and behaviour throughout the morning. 

Friday 18th May

This week, Year 6 have enjoyed creating fossils with clay. They worked with Mrs Coyle to use shells and other objects to make their fossils, and had a fantastic time in the process! 

Friday 11th May

This week Year 6 have been working hard to revise for their upcoming assessments. I have been extremely impressed with their attitude towards their revision and am confident that they will do well next week.

Friday 4th May

This week the children have reflected upon what it would have felt like to be chosen as one of Jesus' disciples. Year 6 discussed how it would be frightening in some ways but amazing in others. 

Friday 27th April

This week, Year 6 wrote speeches as a response to the Pope's letter, Laudato Si. In the letter, the Pope called for us to take care of our planet and everyone who shares it. The children in Year 6 thought about what they would do to help change the world if they were world leaders, including ideas about recycling, equality between men and women, and the distribution of the world's wealth.

Friday 20th April

This week, Year 6 have been working hard to revise Maths, Grammar and Reading. Today they completed a practice Arithmetic paper, discussion questions that they found difficult. 

Thursday 29th March

This week, Year 6 were delighted to welcome Cyril, a trained guide dog, into class. Because their persuasive letters were so brilliant, Mrs Finan agreed that the visit could go ahead and we were able to arrange for Cyril to join us at short notice. The children learned all about what it takes to train a guide dog and some children had a go at manoeuvring a course blindfolded. 

Friday 23rd March

This week, the children in Year 6 have worked extremely hard to write a persuasive letter to Mrs Finan to ask whether they can arrange a visit from a 'guide dog-in-training'. Watch this space to see if their letters are successful!

Friday 16th March

Today, everyone at St. Peter's enjoyed dressing up as a book character or making a prop from a specific book. Here are just some of the Year 6 costumes and props. 

Friday 9th March

This week, Year 6 used their knowledge of animals and their characteristics to create classification keys for either butterflies or bees. The task was definitely a challenge but the children worked hard to complete it. Well done!

Friday 2nd March

Yesterday, all of the children at St. Peter's enjoyed a visit from Terry Caffrey. He told us all about his work, read poems and inspired us to write our own. All children thoroughly enjoyed both the assembly and the workshop that followed. 

Friday 16th February

Over the last few weeks the children in Year 6 have been bringing in coins to help to fundraise for our 'Hearts of Chains' initiative. We were so impressed with how much they raised! We used the coins to make heart patterns which linked with both Valentine's Day and the fact that we were fundraising for a defibrillator. 

Friday 9th February

This week Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Diversity Week along with the rest of the school. At the start of the week they loved participating in drama workshops with RISE theatre, where they reflected upon individuality. They also spent time with Mr Webb looking at diversity within sport. On Tuesday they learned more about people who have hearing and sight impairments, even learning some sign language. After that, they spent time as a class thinking about uniqueness and body image, learning about the importance of having a positive body image, particularly throughout high school. They reflected upon the importance of not comparing themselves to others. On Thursday, Yr 6 learned how to be friends of those with dementia. They finished the week with a celebration of everything they've learned.

Friday 2nd February

Today the children in Year 6 wrote a set of instructions using their own planning and research. Everyone worked hard to correct their mistakes and improve their vocabulary and punctuation. 

Friday 26th January

This week the children in Year 6 enjoyed creating 3D Maya maps. They used Modroc to build mountains and painted geographical features such as rainforests and rivers. Everyone worked particularly well as part of a team - I was very impressed! 

Friday 19th January

This week each child in Year 6 has learned how to interpret and construct pie charts. They have used their knowledge of fractions and percentages to work out how many degrees to measure when drawing their own pie charts. 

Friday 12th January

This week the children in Year 6 enjoyed experimenting with electrical circuits. They worked in pairs to create working circuits to power light bulbs, motors and buzzers. They investigated the effect of adding more wires etc. and recorded their findings using scientific circuit diagrams.

Friday 15th December

This week, Year 6 enjoyed a visit from Mr Cane who taught them all about CPR. They learned 'DR ABC': Danger, Response, Airways, Breathing, Circulation. The session was very informative and all children have more knowledge of what to do if someone is unconscious. Thank you, Mr Cane!

Friday 8th December

This week, Year 6 have learned about the lives of Oscar Romero and Martin Luther King. They discovered that both men famously stood up against injustice in their countries. 

Friday 1st December

This week Year 6 enjoyed learning golf skills with teachers from Hazel Grove Golf Club. 

Friday 24th November

Today, some children in Year 6 learned about relative clauses and relative pronouns. They practised using them in their own sentences. 

Friday 17th November

This week children in Year 6 have enjoyed solving problems linked to fractions. 

Friday 10th November

This week, Year 6 have enjoyed learning all about Judaism. They discovered that the celebration of Rosh Hashanah is all about welcoming a new year. Furthermore, the children learned that Yom Kippur is a time to ask for forgiveness. 

Friday 3rd November

Today, the Year 6 children enjoyed their Music lesson with Mr Smith. They learned more about the Viking Gods, Thor and Loki. They composed their own Leitmotif for each character. 

Friday 20th October

Today, four children from Year 6 enjoyed participating in 'Young Ambassador' training. We are looking forward to how they will help the rest of the children at St. Peter's to become better sportspeople. 

Friday 13th October

This week Year 6 enjoyed using the iPads to research who invented the lightbulb. They were able to work together to create a report in their Science books. 

Friday 6th October

This week, Year 6 have enjoyed creating Viking longships using recycled materials. Everybody is looking forward to decorating the longships and adding shields along the sides. 

Friday 29th September​​​​​

This week we presented Good Work certificates within the classroom as we enjoyed an afternoon of opera singing instead of our Good Work Assembly. 

Friday 22nd September

This week, Year 6 children have enjoyed spending time with the new Reception children. They spent an hour getting to know each other by playing fun playground games together. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and is looking forward to receiving their Special Friends next Thursday.

Friday 15th September

This week Year 6 have enjoyed reading short extracts from classic stories. We started by reading part of 'The Railway Children' by E. Nesbit together, then answered questions systematically as a class. Later, the children read an extract from 'Treasure Island' by Robert Louis Stevenson and answered questions independently using the skills they had learned earlier in the week. 

Friday 8th September

Year 6 have enjoyed a fantastic first week. One of the activities that the children participated in was drawing 'selfie portraits'. Everyone worked hard to make their sketch as lifelike as possible, focusing on detail and shading.