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Useful Information/Links

In this section we aim to provide additional information which may be of use to you in supporting our work together for the benefit of your child.

Parking guidance

The following three weblinks are useful links to support parents understanding of phonics. The first link is to a video about the annunciation of the sounds. The second link takes you to a video of Mr Thorne (a teacher character) practising pseudo words. The final weblink links to Oxford Owl, which contains information on the Phonics Screening check and general advice and support for helping your child to read at home. If you register with Oxford Owl you will also have access to over 200 free e-books.





Winter edition of Stockport council’s magazine

This winter edition of the Stockport Council magazine has important information about emergency contacts and times of openings of pharmacy, out of hours services etc.

Sun Protection Information

A leaflet for Parent's and Guardians about 'Bullying.




ESafety notice - Parents guide to 'Fortnite'

Please click on the link below to find out everything you need to know about the popular online game. The link also explains what steps parents can take to safeguard their child, and how to report inappropriate contact between a child and another player. It is worth noting that the game has a PEGI rating of 12.

Our new school website allows us the potential of adding a school Twitter or Facebook account in the future. These facilities are not active at the moment.