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Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 Class Page 2022-2023

Welcome to the Year 5 Class Page!

Friday 15th July

Year 5 have had a busy week! On Monday they visited St James' for a taster morning and enjoyed playing basketball and experimenting in science of acids and alkali liquids. They have also performed brilliantly in the Year 5 and 6 productions of 'Olivia!'. 


Today we were sad to have our final Music lesson with Mr Smith. Year 5 enjoyed playing along to the beat with boom whackers. 

Music lesson - Boomwhackers!

Friday 8th July

This week Year 5 have been very busy with Year 6 practising for the play 'Olivia!' They have also had an athletics PE lesson with Mr Webb. Below are some highlights of the week. 

St Ambrose Maths Challenge! 6th July

Friday 1st July

Year 5 have had a busy week! On Monday they had their class mass and showed great faithfulness throughout. On Tuesday afternoon, we had a movie treat for winning three tidy cloakroom rosettes - well done. Finally, on Wednesday, KS2 walked to church for St Peters' and Pauls' day and were treated with an ice cream - thank you Father Peter!

RE Judaism Posters (w/c 27th June -1st July)

Friday 24th May

This week Year 1 to Year 6 enjoyed their Sports Day! All the children gave their best and showed great effort and sportsmanship - well done! Thank you to all who came to support and cheer the children on. 

Year 5 Sports Day!

Friday 17th May

This week Year 5 have started Tennis in their PE lessons, constructed Stonehenge from bourbon biscuits and enjoyed a lovely Platinum Jubilee Day. Thank you PTA!


Below are some highlights of the week.

'Bourbon-henge' - Models of Stonehenge

Highlights of the week - Friday 20th May

Friday 27th May - Year 5 Carnival!

Friday 6th May

This week, Year 5 have continued their learning of catching, fielding and striking skills in P.E. when playing games of rounders. They also got creative in Topic when sketching their 'Stone Age' cave paintings. 

Friday 29th April

This week, Year 5 enjoyed their P.E lesson led by Mrs O'Hare and got stuck into playing games of mini rounders. They all worked together as a team and practiced their: bowling, batting and fielding skills through mini games. We all look forward to developing our rounders skills again next week. 


Year 5 also took part in planning and delivering their class Collective Worship lesson. They linked their learning to their new RE topic and reflected on last Sunday's Gospel on the importance of not to doubt like Thomas after Jesus rose from the dead. Their mission was, 'Jesus has a plan for us, for all of our lives'. 

Friday 22nd April

Year 5 have come back with enthusiasm and have made a great start to the Summer Term! They have had their first session of Rounders with Mrs O Hare, focusing on their striking and fielding skills. They will put their skills to test next week by starting mini games on the field. Today they came into school dressed to celebrate St George's Day tomorrow. In class they have learnt about some aspects of British Values and considered why we have rules and how they keep us safe. 

Active Maths: Measuring the area of the playground

Friday 1st April

This week year 5 have taken part in an active maths lesson which focused on finding the area of the playground. They had to work in groups and practice their teamwork skills to mark out an area with chalk and measure and calculate the area with metre sticks. The other groups were then challenged to calculate the other group's area.

Friday 25th March

This week year 5 have had a busy week being creative. They have painted their clay scarab beetles in Topic and also used their creativity using the iPads to research, plan and deliver their own group presentation for their Lenten Fundraiser. I have been so impressed by your teamwork and resilience. Well done Year 5!

Lenten Fundraiser for Mission Together. 'Teacher for the day'

Topic: Painting clay scarab beetles

Stockport Grammar Art Competition Presentation Evening - 24th March 2022

Friday 18th March

This week Year 5 took part in a Reconciliation service with Father Peter. They took part with the readings, prayers and drama to depict the story of Jeremiah and the potter. 


Year 5 marked the start of British Science Week by beginning their new Science topic, 'Earth and Space'. 

Science Week - Ordering the planets

Friday 11th March 2022

This week Year 5 have celebrated World Book Week. At the start of the week the school was treated to a virtual visit by author Claire Culliford who shared one of her books with the class. The class were able to ask her questions about her career and her books and were very excited to be able to chat with a real life author.


The children today had their dressing up day. Everyone made a fantastic effort and their costumes and props were AMAZING! They took part in some Egyptian dancing, listened to some of an Egyptian mystery story and made their own scarab beetle amulets out of clay. 



Dressing up day: World Book Week 11.03.22

Year 5's Raps in Music!

Still image for this video
Caitlin's and Inaya's Rap

Friday 11th February


This week has been Children's Mental Health Week. In Year 5's Computing lesson they worked in pairs to create online posters on how to look after their mental health and wellbeing. Also, they completed a kindness activity in PSHE, focusing on how they can be a kind and better friend to others.


All of KS2 were treated to a smoothie this Thursday, made by some of the infants, the PTA and the help of Mr Reynolds. They were able to connect and receive a healthy treat, which they now know that staying healthy and active is vital to help their wellbeing. 

Thursday 10th February

Here are a collection of pictures from both Forest school sessions this week. (8th and 10th February)

Forest School images: Tuesday 8th and Thursday 10th February

Friday 4th February

This week year 5 have had a go at mummifying an orange in Topic. They worked together as a team to ensure all the steps were correct when mummifying. 

Exploring the Ancient Egyptian ritual of mummification through mummifying oranges!

Friday 14th January

The first Forest School session was a great success! Below are a few highlights of the session.

Friday 10th December

Another super week in Year 5 including, a slam poetry competition, a visit to the Baptist church for the Christmas trail and some excellent singing in rehearsal for the Carol Service next week.

Friday 26th November

The children took on their leadership roles this week by putting their Young Ambassador training into action. Year 5 lead sporting games for the children in Reception and Year 1 during lunch time each day. Four children will be the Young Ambassadors each day from Monday.

Friday 12th November 2021

What a week we have had! This week, Year 5 have had some fantastic discussion based around Remembrance Day, including creating their own piece of artwork, and an acrostic poem in English.


We also celebrated National Maths Week by taking part in a Maths escape room. The children had to use all of their prior knowledge from the Autumn Term so far to crack codes, solve the puzzle and find the code to escape!


Finally, the children have been working so hard this past term to perfect their Hail Mary prayer in Makaton. I am so happy with the pride they have taken in this, so please ask them to share some of this with you at home.


Remember: be kind, be brave, be thankful, be happy, be you!


Friday 22nd October 2021

We have been busy this week! We have touched on everything from WW2 poetry to celebrating Black History Month by writing a biography of Nelson Mandela's life. This week, Year 5 also reflected on the importance of Global Handwashing Day and how fortunate we are to have soap and running water. They carried out a science experiment to find out how soap repels the germs and bacteria on our hands!

Friday 15th October 2021

This week, the class have been reflecting on inspirational individuals in RE, who demonstrate how to follow the teachings of Jesus through their work. We focussed on the prayer by St Teresa of Avila, and the children then produced their own prayers, thinking about how they could use their hands, eyes and ears, to spread the word of Jesus.

Friday 8th October 2021

This week, the children have continued with tag rugby in their PE lessons with Mrs O'Hare. They have worked on skills such as dodging, attacking, defending, and scoring tries. They have shown fantastic resilience and great determination. I'm sure they can't wait to get stuck into a mini game of tag rugby now!

Friday 1st October 2021

This week, we celebrated European Languages Day (26/09/21), which celebrates cultural diversity and language learning across Europe. In Year 5, we looked at the Russian abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky and attempted to recreate his famous 'concentric circles' artwork. They did such a fantastic job and even wrote their name in Russian!

Friday 24th September 2021

This week, the children started to bring their storyboards to life in computing. They worked on Scratch, a coding platform, to generate their character and background for the game they will continue to develop each week.

Friday 17th September 2021

This week in art, the children developed their own artistic techniques to create images from WW2. They reflected on their hatching and stippling skills to try and recreate some famous artwork depicting the war era.