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School closure


Hi everyone.  I hope you're all well and that you've had a great bank holiday weekend in the sun!


As it is half term, I am not going to set work for the week as I usually would.

Instead, take a break from work to play outside, play games inside (board games, imaginative games, etc), get some rest and relaxation and hopefully enjoy more of this great weather we've been having.  Basically do whatever makes you feel happy!


I have however uploaded just a couple of activities, just in case you want something to keep you going over the half term break.  However, I must stress that these activities are not compulsory at all.  They are merely there if you want them, to use as you see fit.


Have a brilliant half term break, take care and I very much hope to speak to you all again very soon.


Mr. Webb


Hi everyone. It's that time of the week again, the time of the week that I am sure is the absolute highlight of the children's week that they look forward to with all of their heart...Here is the work for this week.  Enjoy!

I hope everybody is well and has had a great week. Take care, stay safe and most importantly keep smiling.

Mr. Webb 



Hi everyone.  It was great speaking to you all this week and hearing how well you and all of the children are doing.  Keep doing what you're doing!

Here is the work for this week.  Have a great one!

Mr. Webb

Week 5 - 03/05/20

Hello everybody.

As always, I hope you're all well and continuing to crack on with life on lockdown as best as you can.

Here is the work for this week.

Take care and best wishes.

Mr. Webb

Week 4 - 27.04.20

Hello!  I hope that you're all well and had a brilliant Easter break.

I have uploaded the work for this week.  Just do what you can, but no pressure to get it all done.

Have a great week and take care.

Mr. Webb


Happy Easter everybody!  I hope you all had a great day.

It is officially the Easter holidays now, so I won't be setting any work for the next couple of weeks. By all means, carry on with any previous tasks if you'd like to. As well as this, there are a range of activities that you can find in the 'Learning Zone' tab on this website.

But the main this now is to rest up, relax, have some fun, enjoy the break and hopefully continued nice weather.

Take it easy and enjoy.

Mr. Webb

Week 3 - 06.03.20

Hello everybody, I hope you're all keeping well.


I have uploaded an overview of activities for the week ahead, as well as some separate subject specific sheets/activities which are referred to in the overview.


Again, this is just a guide, I don't expect absolutely everything to be completed. Just do what you can.


Have a great week and happy Easter to you all - have a top one!  Have fun, keep smiling and take it easy.

Mr. Webb


Hi all. I hope you are all well and have successfully navigated yourselves through this first week of lockdown.


Upon reflection, I have just uploaded a slightly more structured timetable for weeks 1 (last week) and 2 (this week) of school closure.  I realised that all of the other teachers/year groups are uploading work week by week, whereas I had just launched a boat load of activities onto a general overview to cover the first 4 weeks or so.


In uploading this new revised timetable for the first two weeks, I do not mean to undermine the work that may have already taken place from the initial general overview of activities that I uploaded last week.  I just thought that moving to a week by week structure like all the other classes would be less overwhelming and more helpful in the long run and the further/longer we go into school closure (and to be fair, I didn't want to get into trouble for doing it differently to everyone else!!!). 


If you have already completed activities from the initial general overview, that are not on this revised timetable, do not worry at all.  If you have developed your own timetable/routine for tackling the activities from the general overview, then please do carry on doing what you are doing.


For the first few weeks, these revised timetables will repeat activities from the initial general overview, merely providing a more rigid structure for everybody to follow going forward. Activities that have not been included in this new timetable will be included in future timetables in the coming weeks.  So all of the activities from the initial general overview will be covered at some point anyway. Like I say, the aim of moving to this week by week structure is to hopefully take some pressure off you all by setting a clearer structure of activities for everyone to follow.


This timetable and all future timetables are just guides.  I am very aware that there is a lot going on at the moment with so much to process and these are very strange times. 

Just do what you can, but don't feel you have to spend your days getting the children to work work work!  If you get all of the activities completed, that's brilliant.  If you get two of the activities completed, that's brilliant. 

Just enjoy the extra time that you're all getting to spend together, make sure you get plenty of relaxing done, train the kids to clean the house so you can put your feet up and if a bit of this work gets done along the way, then happy days!


Take it easy, please pass my best on to all of the children and stay safe.


Many thanks,


Mr. Webb 


Hi everybody.  Just a quick one to let you know that general activities, including websites that we frequently use, and other subject specific tasks for you to try at home, can be found by clicking on the Learning zone tab above. Take care.

Mr. Webb :)


Hi everybody!  I hope you are all well. 


I have uploaded the general overview of activities for the first few weeks of school closure, as well as the additional information around the Christopher Columbus information text topic.

As you know, you have received paper copies for specific tasks outlined in the overview.


I will use this webpage to upload new tasks and activities for the children in the coming weeks.


Two thing's that I didn't mention on the overview are:

1. Joe Wicks will be leading a live PE lesson every weekday from 9:00am, on his YouTube channel.

2. Today I provided the children with their individual usernames and login details for the Times Tables Rockstars website. This is a great and engaging website that the children can use for practicing the 2, 5 and 10 x-tables and their inverse division facts. 


In the meantime, take care, stay healthy, keep smiling and try to enjoy a decent little bit of chill out time too!


Best wishes,


Mr. Webb