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Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 Class Page!

Happy smiles make the best days!

The freckled friends!

Big smiles!

We found a new place to play and make music!
I feel like I'm on top of the world!
We had to think very hard before answering some of the questions!
Friday 1st July - On Tuesday 28th June we visited the Year 4 classes at Norbury Hall Primary School. We took part in circle time activities and learned some coaching skills. Mrs Box took the photographs and as a class we worked together to write the captions.

Friday 24th June - These are the figures we made during our visit to Norbury Hall Primary School this week.

The clay felt incredibly soft and silky.

Friday 17th June - Feeling happy but tired after playing  Rounders against Year 4 pupils from Norbury Hall Primary School. It was great fun and we made lots of new friends.
27th May 2016 - We had great fun experimenting this week during the special Science Day. Look at our happy faces! We enjoyed testing our hypotheses and worked cooperatively with a partner. A great end to the half term.

20th May - We used clay to make these hands which we gave to members of our families at our Class Mass.

It was a very special occasion. Thomas sang a beautiful solo. Brave boy!smiley

13th May - We had our photographs taken for our Passports. Watch this space for more information!
6th May - We love working on the computers in the ICT suite and in the library area..
April 29th - We enjoyed ice-cream! Thank you Father Peter.smiley
April 22nd -  We enjoyed playing outside in the sunshine during Golden Time. Look at our happy faces! 
April 15th - We really enjoyed the Mad Science Assembly. It was really interesting and informative.
April 8th - This week,  the children have used ICT to write accounts of a story which made the News.

Thursday 23rd March - This week we have enjoyed sampling a variety of cheese including Camembert.

Miam-miam ! ( French for yummy ).

Friday 18th March- We had great fun playing hockey outside and running a mile in fifteen minutes. Eight pupils managed the challenge. Well done!
Friday 11th March - We had a great time in P.E. this week when we learned how to play crab football. It was very exciting!
Friday 4th March - We have had a busy week! Following our visit to Chester, we have planned our own mosaics. 
On Friday 26th February 2016 - we had a fantastic time in Chester this week learning what it was like to be a Roman soldier.  It was an enjoyable but exhausting day!
Friday 12th February 2016 - We had great fun tasting different desserts this week. The rice pudding was very popular!
Friday 5th February 2016- We really enjoyed reading The Wolves in the Walls this week. What a fantastic book!
Friday 29th January 2016
Friday 22nd January 2016 - This week we have enjoyed learning a new song all about Manchester. The lyrics told us why Manchester is so well known throughout the world.
January 15th 2016  - In P.E this week Year 4 were practising different skills e.g doing handstands and holding a balance with a partner.
January 8th 2016 - This week we have been learning about Fairy Tales. We completed a reading comprehension based on the story The Princess and the Pea. The text was written from the viewpoint of the Pea!


18th December 2015 - We were the winners of our Christmas poetry competition.

Mrs Carr and Mrs Smith were the judges. Thank you very much!

11th December 2015 - Year 4 have been baking this week.

4th December 2015 - Year 4 children modelling their Race BullyingT-shirts which were shown at the PHSE assembly.

27th November 2015 - We have created designs for our PHSE topic - Race Bullying. Four of us were selected to reproduce our designs on white t-shirts. We will model them next week during the PHSE assembly.

20th November 2015 - Year 4 had a special visitor this week! Matthew from Y5 told us about when he met Daniel Craig during the half term holiday. He even brought along his own red carpet! We used his experience as a stimulus for our writing ' A day I will never forget.'

13th November 2015 - This week we have learned about the poems that were written about Flanders Fields. We copied out "In Flanders Fields" by John McCrae May. On Wednesday, during a special assembly, the whole school fell silent to remember the fallen. It was a very moving occasion.

6th November 2015 - During the half term holiday Year 4 were busy making models using recycled goods. Here is a selection. Some fantastic ideas!

23rd October 2015 - This week we had to bring our pyjamas when we went swimming. We wore them over our usual swimming gear and it was really difficult to swim! We  learned all about keeping safe and what to do if someone falls in open water e.g. a canal. The most important thing we learned was

DO NOT GO IN THE WATER to save someone.

16th October - We have been learning about the functions of different teeth. The molars are used for chewing, the incisors for biting and the canines for tearing food. This week we carried out an experiment to see which liquid caused most damage to our teeth. We used egg shells for the experiment.

9th October 2015 - This week Year 4 have been learning how to double 3-digit numbers by partitioning and have used column addition to check their answers.