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Year 3

Friday 20th July


We have had an excellent final week in Year 3! The children really enjoyed our trip to the Royal Northern College of Music on Thursday, where we took part in the Stockport Summer Spectacular! It has been an absolute pleasure to teach the children in Year 3 this year, and I hope you all have a lovely summer and a well-earned break! 

Friday 13th July


This week the children have been learning about Bastille Day. They have created their own art, inspired by the work of Georges Seurat, a French painter. The pictures below show some of the children’s work at different stages of the painting process. 

Friday 6th July


This week the children have enjoyed learning more about plants. They have labelled a diagram of a flowering plant, and they have learned about the function of each part. They have also investigating how water is transported in plants.

Friday 29th June


We have had another exciting week in Year 3! The children enjoyed our sunny Sports Day on Tuesday. On Thursday, they had a brilliant day learning about Tudor life at Bramall Hall. They enjoyed a tour of the hall, and they learned lots about Tudor food, dance, art, clothes, music and medicine. Have a look at the pictures below to see what we got up to!

Friday 15th June


We have had a busy first week back in Year 3! The children have enjoyed learning more about shapes. They used a Venn diagram to sort capital letters into those which had parallel lines, perpendicular lines, or both. In English, they have been researching different countries to create a World Cup fact file. In science, the children investigated different materials to see which one would be the most suitable to use for curtains.

Friday 25th May


This week the children have enjoyed some outdoor learning. On Thursday afternoon, they worked in teams to build a structure that would withstand an ‘earthquake’. They did an excellent job of working together and solving problems. The children also enjoyed performing descriptive poems earlier in the week.

Friday 18th May


This week, the children have made calligrams (special shape poems) about volcanoes. Have a look at some of our examples below! 


In science, the children have been learning about mirrors and reflective surfaces. They walked along a wiggly line and they could only use the mirrors above their heads to see which way they needed to go, which was tricky!

Friday 11th May


This week, the children have started to learn about earthquakes. They used iPads to create posters to share their top tips for how to stay safe in an earthquake. Have a look at some examples below! The children have also finished writing their excellent newspaper reports, about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. 

Friday 4th May


This week, we have done lots of cross-curricular work about volcanoes. We have been writing newspaper reports about the famous eruption of Mount Vesuvius, and we used iPads to research facts about this. In our topic work, we have also been learning about the different types of volcano and how they are formed. The children also played ‘Volcano top trumps’, where they compared interesting facts about different volcanoes.  

Friday 27th April 


We have had another busy week in Year 3! The children enjoyed making models of the earth, and finding out what is under our feet. The children also performed the play scripts that they wrote last week. We also did a science investigation which involved feeling in bags and guessing what was inside, without looking.



PSHE - Our car and lorry safety poem

Still image for this video
Here is one of the videos that we made to show what we have learned about car and lorry safety.

Friday 20th April


We have had a great week in Year 3! We have been writing play scripts, which we will perform next week. We enjoyed reading outside, to make the most of the lovely weather! We have also been making videos on the iPads to prepare for our PSHE assembly about cad and lorry safety.

Friday 13th April


Welcome back, we hope you had a lovely Easter! The children have enjoyed performing their Easter and Spring themed poems this week. We have also been learning about Pentecost, and we have been preparing for our next PSHE assembly by learning about car safety.


The children will be starting swimming lessons on Wednesday 25th April. Girls will need to wear swimming caps. Also, lunchtime cross country sessions will resume from Monday (16th) - Years 3 and 4 will alternate with years 5 and 6. Please send your child prepared with suitable clothing and footwear for cross country running (in addition to their PE kits, in case they get wet or muddy!)

Thursday 29th March


We have had another busy week in Year 3! This week, the children have enjoyed making books to display the Easter poems that they have written and illustrated. They have also made ‘fossils’ out of dough, to learn more about how fossils are formed. Today, the children worked in pairs to compete in a maths challenge! Well done to all the children for another excellent term of hard work, we hope you have a lovely Easter break!



Have a listen to some of our radio adverts!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Friday 23rd March


This week we have enjoyed taking part in orienteering team-building activities in PE. Part of our class also enjoyed a great morning of football at MCFC Academy, they were an excellent team!



Friday 16th March


This week we have been been looking at different types of advert, and we have analysed the features of adverts. We have also written and recorded our own radio adverts!


We also really enjoyed dressing up as Michael Morpurgo characters as a belated celebration of World Book Day.



Friday 9th March


This week the children have edited their Greek myths. We have also started our new unit of work on persuasive writing. Today we watched different adverts and discussed the features of what makes a good advert. We have also been investigating different rocks to find out how they were made. 

Friday 2nd March


This week we have done lots of work based on books. We have started to read 'The Butterfly Lion' which is about a young boy called Bertie who runs away from boarding school. We wrote a diary entry from Bertie's point of view, thinking about his emotions and experiences.


On World Book Day, we enjoyed  a visit from Terry Caffrey, who shared his poetry with us! 


Friday 16th February


We have had a very exciting week in Year 3! At the start of the week, we made 'fraction museums' to show  how we find fractions of amounts. We also made a heart of coins with the money that we are raising to buy a defibrillator. Today, we made and tasted some traditional Greek food! The children have had a great half term, and I hope you all have a lovely break.

Friday 9th February


We have had a wonderful time celebrating 'Diversity week' in school. Thank you to the grandparents who came in to talk to the children, it was great to hear your stories! The children have taken part in a huge range of activities and workshops across the week, which you will be able to see on the photos.

Friday 2nd February 


This week the children have been mini travel agents! In maths they have been using their problem solving skills to look at planning a holiday to Greece. They looked at different prices of flights and hotels, and they compared this to the cost of package deals.

Friday 26th January


This week we have designed social media profiles for Greek Gods and goddesses! We have also researched information about life in modern Greece and we compared this to life in England today. 

Friday 19th January


We have had another busy week in Year 3! In science, the children moulded plasticine into different shapes and they dropped it into water to investigate how the shape of an object would affect the water resistance

Friday 12th January


In science this week we have been investigating the strength of different magnets. The children made predictions and then investigated to find out whether their predictions were correct.

Friday 5th January 2018


The children have made a great start to the Spring term in Year 3! We have been reading 'Fantastic Mr Fox' by Roald Dahl, and the children acted out the first three chapters.

Wednesday 20th December 


Well done and thank you for all of your hard work this term! We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


Friday 15th December 


This week we have been doing lots of practise for the KS2 carol service.

Well done to the children for making some excellent tribal masks for your homework, they look great!

Friday 8th December 


This week we have been learning all about magnets! We investigated to see which materials in our classroom and in the playground were magnetic. We were surprised by some of the results!

Friday 1st December 


This week we investigated the effects of friction by using toy cars on different surfaces. We made some great predictions, conducted the experiment and recorded our data. Some of our predictions were correct!

Friday 24th November


This week the children have been using column addition to solve pirate problems in their maths lessons.

Friday 17th November


This week we have been identifying forces in our science lesson. We created freeze frames to show the forces involved in different activities such as bouncing a ball.

Friday 10th November 


This week we celebrated our good work awards in class. This week, the awards were given for an excellent drama performance, some great work about Judaism, and a great attitude in gymnastics. Well done! 

Friday 3rd November 


We have had a great first week back in Year 3. In science, we have been investigating how we can improve our balance.



Friday 20th October 


We have had another great week in Year 3! This week the children have been learning about gas safety. They created posters and performed roleplays in our PSHE assembly. 

Friday 13th October 


This week the children have been learning about different formations in dance. They also worked together to share facts about rainforest animals, in preparation for writing their information texts.

Friday 6th October 2017


This week the children have enjoyed writing instructions for 'How to catch a dream', inspired by The BFG and magical dream jars.

Friday 15th September

In maths today we played 'Play your cards right'. We have been ordering and comparing three-digit and four-digit numbers. In science we sorted animals into different categories, based upon what they eat.

Friday 29th September


We have had another busy week in Year 3! We have been sorting shapes, practising balancing in gymnastics, and learning about the human skeleton. 



Friday 22nd September 


In Year 3 this week, the children have been learning about the story of Rama and Sita, and they have started to write their own folktale. In their RE lessons, children have also been learning about the Sacrament of Baptism. In Maths, they have been practising addition and subtraction. They have also been sorting 2D shapes according to their properties. 

Friday 8th September 


We have had a brilliant week in Year 3! Activities have included ordering three-digit numbers and creating motivational stars for our display.