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Year 3

Awards - Summer 1, Week 1

A massive congratulations to our first set of award winners for the Summer term.


Eli won the Star Award for fantastic Maths work, converting millimetres, centimetres and metres. Eli even established his own strategy for working out these conversions, which we have called 'The Eli Rule', which has been a massive help to the rest of the class and their understanding.


Lily won the Star Award for producing two outstanding pieces of persuasive writing, firstly persuading people to buy the Slip N' Slide, before flipping her thinking round to persuade people not to buy it. She used a range of persuasive features to great effect and structured her work wonderfully. 


Oliver W won the Gold Award for the fantastic start he has made to the Summer term. Oliver has really stood out all week for his fantastic attitude, great work and huge efforts!


Well done you three, a great start to the term! Keep up the fantastic work!


This week Year 3 completed a Science investigation in which they answered the question, 'Are bigger magnets more powerful than smaller magnets?'

The children made predictions and thought about what was needed to ensure the investigation was a fair and valid one, before they tested how many paper clips (paper clip chain) each magnet could attract and hold.

After careful investigation, Year 3 concluded that the size of a magnet does not necessarily effect how powerful it is.

Spring 2, Week 5 - Awards

A massive well done to our three workers of the week!


Sophie R received the Star Award for her outstanding character profile of Fantastic Mr Fox! It was brilliantly written and a real pleasure to read!


Aoife received the Star Award for her wonderful RE work in which she reflected on and explained her interpretation of various Bible quotes.


Tom received the Gold Award for always being such a happy, positive and joyful presence in our class, which is very much appreciated by everyone in Year 3!


Well done you three stars, keep up the great work!

Year 3 - Lenten Fund raiser

Year 3 had a brilliant time during our Lenten Fundraiser.

Firstly, we had a pyjama and teddy day, in which the children came to school in their pyjamas and particularly enjoyed introducing their teds to the rest of the class.

In the afternoon we also had a creative Lego 'buildathon'.

The children all completed a 20 brick challenge in which they had 8 minutes to create something (anything!) using just 20 Lego bricks. The range of ideas they all came up with was brilliant.

They then worked in teams of two in the 'tallest tower' competition, in which they had 10 minutes to build the tallest free standing Lego tower.

Congratulations to the winners of the 'tallest tower' competition, Anya and Jack who just pipped Eli and Oliver R for the win by one Lego brick! 

It was a fantastic day for a wonderful cause. Many thanks for your generous donations.


This week Year 3 completed a Science investigation in which they looked at which surfaces would require the greatest pulling force to make a toy car move across them. Out of the five surfaces, the children all predicted that the table surface would require the smallest pulling force, whereas their predictions for the surface that would require the greatest pulling force were split between the grass field and the stones in the prayer garden. The children really enjoyed the practical element of testing the five different surfaces with their investigation partners and they all produced some great Science work and linked their conclusions to the force of friction.

Spring 2, Week 4 - Awards

A massive well done to our three workers of the week!


Luke received the Star Award for all of the hard work he has put in and the amazing progress he has made with his reading and particularly developing his comprehension skills.


Scarlett received the Star Award for her excellent work in our Fantastic Mr Fox hot seating activity, in which she came up with great questions that she answered brilliantly in the role of Mr Fox.


Freya L received the Gold Award for her amazing attitude to school! She always works so hard, with such wonderful enthusiasm and she is a delightful member of our class!


Well done you three. Keep up the amazing work!


It's been another great week in Year 3.

This week, Mr Smith from Stockport Music Service was back with us, teaching his brilliant music lessons for the first time since before Christmas. In this weeks lesson, the children all chose different instruments to represent the various characters from the story of Peter and the Wolf.

The end result was a brilliant whole class collaboration! 

Spring 2, Week 3 - Awards

A huge congratulations to our three workers of the week in our first week back after school closure!


Ruby received the Star Award for her fantastic Maths work throughout the week in which she showed great confidence and ability when recapping our work on fractions and column addition.


Cora also received the Star Award for the wonderful start she has made to our Amazon Rainforest art project, in which she created two wonderful Rainforest scenes using a range of differently graded pencils.


Lucy was awarded the Gold Award for being such a delightful member of Year 3, who always listens carefully and works so hard during any task or activity she undertakes.


Well done girls, a fantastic start back in school following the extended time away. Keep up the great work!


We're back in business!

It has been a wonderful first week back in school following school closure and so lovely to see all of the children back in class together.

This week in Year 3 the children started their Amazon Rainforest Art project. The children started by drawing their own image of the Amazon Rainforest using a HB pencil.  Following that, the children were introduced to and experimented with using a variety pencils of different grades. From that they then recreated their original picture, aiming to upscale their original work by using various pencils of different grades in order to add lighter and darker effects where appropriate.

Next week the children will use charcoal to recreate their Amazon Rainforest picture.

Autumn 2, Week 6 - Awards

A massive well done to our three stars of the week!


Oliver R received the Star Award for his fantastic opening chapter to his Greek Myth.  It was so well written and made me smile from start to finish - especially with his descriptions of the mean 'King Chickenus!'


Anya received the Star Award for being such a great leader during our Hawaiian Christmas songs rehearsals, in which she performed with wonderful enthusiasm and set a great example.


Jake received the Gold Award for showing super resilience during our hockey tournament in which he came back from a nasty shin injury in the first game to lead his team to victory!


Brilliant guys, well done and keep up the great work!


Last week, Year 3 took part in our own Ancient Greek Athenian democratic assembly, in which three new laws were proposed by the 'Boule' (ruling council), which were then voted on by the 'Ecclesia' (voting citizens).  The children had to put themselves in the position of a free citizen living in Ancient Athens and decide weather they wanted to vote for or against the laws by choosing a white pebble to vote 'for' or a black pebble to vote 'against', just as they did in ancient Greek times.

The children participated brilliantly in the assembly and came up with fantastic reasons to support their decisions. This week the children reflected on their decisions during the assembly and wrote down the main reason behind each of their three votes.

Autumn 2, Week 5 - Awards

Congratulations to our four stars of the week!


Freya M, Lily and Sophie L all received the star award for their storyboards which accompany their animations in ICT. They worked as a group of three to come up with a fantastic idea, which they explained and depicted brilliantly in their storyboard.


Thomas M was awarded the gold award for really standing out all week with his exceptional attitude, behaviour and listening skills, demonstrating what a mature and responsible pupil he is.


Well done guys, keep up the fantastic work!


In gymnastics the children have been working on five key positions (straight, star, tuck, straddle and pike), two key movements (releve and battement), as well as three key actions (balance, rolls and jumps). 

This week the children worked in pairs to plan and perform a sequence containing a variety of our key positions, movements and actions. There was lots of fantastic work on show!

Autumn 2, Week 4 - Awards

A massive congratulations to our stars of the week!


Scarlett received the star award for her brilliant comic in PSHE, highlighting the importance of gas safety. Scarlett's drawings were particularly brilliant!


Sophie L received the star award for the consistency of her presentation with her written work. Soph's worked so hard on her joined up handwriting, which would be worthy of any Year 5 or 6 class!


James was awarded the gold award for always participating so fully in ALL of our lessons with his wonderful enthusiasm and terrific attitude!


Well done guys, absolutely brilliant! Keep up the great work.


As part of our 'We are Programmers' topic in ICT, this week the children made a start to their animations, working in partners in the ICT suite.  Each pair worked together to choose a sprite/character and a backdrop for their animations.  The next phase of our work will now involve the children designing a three part storyboard to base their animations on.  Great work Year 3! 

Autumn 2, Week 3 - Awards

A huge well done to our three stars of the week!


Sophie R won the star award for coming up with a selection of excellent reasons, both for and against opening Pandora's Box. Soph made particularly great use of a range of sentence starters throughout her writing.


Thomas was awarded the star award for his fantastic contributions to our class discussions around our class book, 'Stitch Head,' where he always offer super answers and talks with great enthusiasm.


Cora won the gold award for being a delight to teach and for really developing and building her resilience in class when faced with a particularly challenging or tricky piece of work. It's been brilliant to see!


Well done guys, keep up the fantastic work!


In Science as part of our new 'Light and Shadow' topic, the children took part in a Science investigation led by Miss Crocker. The children predicted which objects they thought they would be able to see in the dark, which they backed up by scientific reasons. The 5 objects were: a metal spoon, a yellow Lego brick, a white rubber, a pair of scissors and a black multi link cube. The children then had a great time investigating in teams of 3 and particularly enjoyed working in the dark!

*sorry about the quality of the photos, they were the best I could do!

Autumn 2, Week 2 - Awards

A massive well done to our three stars of the week!

Isabella was awarded the star award for her amazing rhyming poem in the style of, 'Where teachers keep their pets,' by Paul Cookson. It was full of wonderful imagination and creativity!

Orla received the star award for her outstanding information text about the Ancient Greek city state of Sparta. It was so well written and beautifully presented!

Lily was awarded the Gold Award for always following the classroom and school rules so diligently and doing so with a permanent smile on her face!

Well done girls, keep up the tremendous work!


Still image for this video
Year Three have excelled themselves again with a fantastic performance of ‘A Million Dreams’ this morning. They were concentrating on their performance so much that some of them forgot they were being videoed. They are picking up this new skill so quickly.


During this half term Year 3 will be working with Mrs O'Hare in our Thursday morning PE lessons, with hockey being our focus sport

This week the children continued to practice their hockey skills, particularly running with speed, running with power, stick stop and push pass. They then applied their skills to 5 on 5 game situations. 

The standard and quality of the games and some of the skills on display was very impressive!

Well done Year 3!

Autumn 2, Week 1 - Awards

Congratulations to our three super stars of the week!


Oliver W won the star award for standing out in our hockey lesson, in which he really caught the eye with his tremendous skills, particularly with his technique and accuracy of passing.


Eli won the star award for his outstanding 'Ghoul School Rules' poem, which was full of wonderfully creative and imaginative ideas and content, as well as being beautifully presented.


Luke won the star award for being such a responsible member of our class and being a fantastic role model to his classmates, particularly when settling down to work quickly and quietly when returning to the classroom from the playground.


Well done boys, a brilliant first week back.  Keep up the great work!


This week the children completed a Science investigation looking at the effect of exercise on the lungs. The children answered the question, 'do people who exercise regularly pant less than people who don't exercise regularly after exercise?'

The children followed a set investigation structure writing up their methods, equipment list, predictions, results and conclusions, as well as participating in the practical element of the investigation.

Autumn 1, Week 7 - Awards

Well done to our stars of the week!


The star award for this week went to the whole class. The children have all been amazing since starting back at school in September. They have settled straight back into school life and adapted so well to the new post lockdown rules and routines. It has been a fantastic first half term in Year 3. 29 stars!


Bells won the Gold Award this week for being such a delightful memeber our our class and setting such a great example, both inside the classroom, as well as outside on the playground. Well done Bells!


Congratulations all of you, keep up the great work!


As part of our Ancient Greece topic, over the past three weeks the children have been working on their Parthenon art project. They started by layering a background scene of hills and mountains, before using art straws to construct their Parthenons. The children followed the architectural style of the Ancient Greeks, by using Greek columns to construct their buildings. They have all put a lot of hard work and effort into their art work and had a great time whilst doing it. The end result looks fantastic! Well done Year 3, super art work.

Autumn 1 - Week 6 - Awards

Well done to our three Year 3 superstars this week!


Felicity received the star award for her wonderful information text all about ancient Athens, which was brilliantly well written, excellently punctuated and beautifully presented.


Alice received the star award for her fantastic poem in the style of 'At the end of school assembly,' by poet Simon Pitt. It was full of great humour and super ideas!


Oliver R received the gold award for the great balance of hard work and effort ,along with the great humour that he brings to our class!


Well done guys.  Keep up the great work!


In our PE lessons Year 3 have been focusing on cross country running.  They have been practicing the '5 levels' of running, from walking pace all the way up to full sprint and thinking about how to pace themselves during a long distance run.  The children have now taken part in two cross country runs, consisting of five laps of the school field (including the smaller field towards the gate!).

The progress they have all made in 6 weeks is amazing and has been great to observe.

Well done Year 3!

A quick demonstration of the 5 levels of running (levels 1-4)

Still image for this video


Year three have mastered another song using Makaton. I am so impressed with their hard work, what a fantastic performance this is.


Still image for this video

Parents Open evening

Please have a look through the photos below for a taste of what the children have been doing so far in

Year 3. They have all made an amazing start to the year, managing the transition from infant to juniors fantastically well and settling back into school life so effortlessly following lockdown and the summer holidays.


A brief snapshot of work/topics covered so far:

RE - The Christian Family

English - stories by the same author

Guided Reading - comprehension and various 'carousel' activities

Maths - various elements of place value

Science - keeping healthy

Topic - Ancient Greece

ICT - research and gathering data

Art - Ancient Greek temple scene

PE - cross country


Parents Music Poll

In an attempt to introduce the children to different genres of music, today we listened to two songs in class (one of Miss Hendry's favourite and one of Mr Webb's favourite) and the children voted for their favourite.

It finished as draw with both songs receiving 14 votes each!

To break the tie, the vote is now opened up to parents and siblings.


The two songs are:

- 'Sound check' by Catfish and the Bottlemen (Miss Hendry's choice)

- 'The Tuxedo Way' by Tuxedo (Mr Webb's choice)


The children will pass your votes on next week.


Have a great weekend!

Autumn 1 Week 5 Awards

Well done to our 5 (yes...5!) brilliant award winners this week!


Aoife received the star award for her amazing story, 'I'll take you to Mr Coke's'.  Aoife's story was full of fantastic ideas, wonderful descriptions and was both structured and punctuated brilliantly well.


Hayden, Will and Jake all received their star awards for their amazing running in our first proper cross country race (5 laps around the school field!). All three of them paced their run amazingly well, culminating in a three way sprint to the line and nail biting photo finish.  Who needs the Olympics when Year 3 are out doing cross country?!


Nate received the Gold award for bringing his wonderful enthusiasm and energy, as well as his lovely humour and positivity to our class on a daily basis!


Well done all 5 of you!  Keep up the great work!


In English, we have been looking at the Nigel Gray and Michael Foreman book, 'I'll take you to Mrs. Cole's'.  Over the past couple of weeks, the children have written 'WOW' descriptions of Mrs. Cole's imaginary dungeon and come up with reasons why the main character wanted to run away, amongst many other activities and pieces of work.  This week the children have all planned and written their own five paragraph story in the style of, 'I'll take yo to Mrs. Cole.'  The children have worked extremely hard on their stories, which have been a delight to mark and read. 

Well done Year 3!

Autumn 1, Week 4 Awards

A huge well done to the three children who were awarded the special certificates this week.


Erin won the star award for her fantastic place value work in Maths, in which she has worked with great confidence, wonderful effort and as a result made excellent progress!


Jack won the star award for his brilliant information text/fact file about Socrates, which was superbly written and beautifully presented!


Anya won the gold award for being such a delightful member of Year 3 who has been a huge help to me around the classroom!


Brilliant guys! Congratulations and keep up the great work.


Our topic in Year 3 for the Autumn term is Ancient Greece.  Our key figure within the topic is the Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates.  This week we learnt about Socrates and his approach to philosophy in general.  The children then created and decorated their own Socrates fact file.

In the coming weeks, the children will become Socrates and discuss a variety of philosophical questions such as 'What is love?' 'Are the best things in life free?' and 'Is it ever OK to be violent?'

Autumn 1, Week 3 awards


A massive well done to our three special certificate winners this week.


Lucy won the star award for writing a beautiful and very thoughtful prayer, giving thanks for her amazing family.


Oliver A won the star award for his fantastic work and great enthusiasm when using an I-Pad to research facts about modern Greece and England.


Freya M won the Gold award for being such a helpful and kind member of our class who demonstrates a wonderful attitude every single day.


Well done guys and very well deserved!


It's been another great week in Year 3.

Our topic for this term is Ancient Greece. Following a map skills lesson in which children located Greece on a map of Europe and answered a range of questions regarding Greece's position, border countries, surrounding oceans,  etc, the children this week really enjoyed using the I-Pads to research facts and further their understanding of modern Greece. They also researched the same facts about England and compared features of the two countries.

Autumn 1, Week 2 Awards

A huge well done to our three award winners this week:


Freya L won the star award for her amazing English work, in which she wrote an exceptional 'WOW' description of Mrs. Cole's dungeon.


Tom won the star award for a fantastic start to the year, where he has worked with great independence, producing a super standard of work especially in English and Maths.


Ruby won the Golden award for her terrific start to Year 3 in which she has really shone in all areas of school life.


Well done guys, keep up the great work!


Hello and welcome back! 

It has been a brilliant first couple of weeks back at school.  I can't praise the children enough for the start they have all made, settling straight back into school amazingly well! A massive well done and thank you to all of the children.

This week, the children have been learning a Makaton song with Mrs. Hopton.  It is coming along brilliantly well!

A Thousand Years

Still image for this video

A Thousand Years -full song

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