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Year 4

Open evening

The photos below give you an insight into the workings of the Year 4 classroom, and some of the learning we have completed so far this year. You will see photos of our displays and learning walls, including our knowledge organiser for our topic, which will expand as the term progresses. There are also samples of the children's work to give you a flavour of the types of activities the children are being asked to complete.

16.7.21 CAFOD, Lego and Lowry

I was incredibly proud of all the children this week after seeing them really earn their sponsor money by teaching the class about their hobbies. I learned a huge amount from the children so there is no doubt that they learned lots of new things from each other. The children also creates some fabulous Lego models based on the landmarks of Manchester. They finished the week by painting their urban landscape with inspiration taken from Lowry.


9.7.21 Sports day, the big leap and the KS2 virtual music concert

Some super performances in sports day and the big leap this week. All the children demonstrating the Olympic values of determination, commitment, honesty, passion, respect and team work. It was a great week of sport that was rounded off by a lovely virtual music concert where the children signed the song they’d learned and listened to some great performances from some of Stockport Music service’s most talented musicians. The final piece of good news came in from Tom, Joe and Will who earned the certificates this week. 

25.6.21 Calendars, singing and mayhem!

The children have been learning about the Sacraments and the liturgical calendar this week. We also discussed the importance of reflection and celebration at certain points in the year. The children learned a new game called mayhem cricket, which, as the name suggests is slightly chaotic, but great fun! Super work by Ethan, Coeus and Hannah this week.

18.6.21 Compass points, target practise and great teamwork

The first week of the final half term has been an excellent one! the children have worked hard, listened carefully and shown great responsibility when working as a team. Special mentions for Aidan, Darragh and Bobby who really impressed with their behaviour and attitude to learning.

28.5.21 Writing, art and the half term break

Another excellent week of creative writing, skilled artwork and good teamwork. The children have finished the half term with a flourish but they are ready for a rest. Special mention to Hollie, Darragh and Caitlin for their efforts this week.

21.5.21 Illusions, Apostles and Inside Out

For national numeracy day the children produces some magical optical illusions using patterns and pens, they also worked as a team to order fraction calculations. Our religion focused on the work of the Apostles this week, and the children have produced some short messages (like a meme) to show the key messages - photos of some of these can be found below. Some superb work in many areas this week and there have been lots of house points given out. Coeus, Libby and Faith worked particularly hard and they were recognised with the class awards.

14.5.21 Angles, mental health and the BBC Philharmonic

This week, Year 4 have been learning about angles and observing their environment by noticing angles in trees and bushes on the field and around the playground. Following this, they created some symmetrical bugs. On Thursday afternoon, the children had an excellent virtual workshop with the principal percussionist from the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. The children listened very carefully and learned about some of the more unusual instruments used by their percussion section. Certificates went to Joe, William and Mia.


7.5.21 Mr Stink, money and marvellous report writing

This week, Year 4 completed their reports about Islam by editing their drafts and adding further detail. The finished reports are neat and superbly structured. We started reading our new class novel, Mr Stink by David Walliams, and learned more about money in maths. Mia, Elliot, Lucy and Quinn have received certificates for their efforts this week. 

30.4.21 Sorting hats and word problems

This week the children created sorting hats using twigs, stones and leave. Following that, they wrote some word problems that required times tables or multiplication methods. Special mention to Darragh, Thomas, Ella and Finnian for their excellent work this week!

23.4.21 St George, bundles of sticks and mind maps

The children had a tremendous time dancing to their requested songs during the St George's day disco this week. As part of their work about St George's day, the children created mind maps of British Values. Earlier in the week they used sticks and elastic bands to make bundles of multiples when learning about times tables and factors. Certificates went to Hollie, Max and Jake this week. Well done Everyone!

16.4.21 Outdoor learning, teamwork and tennis

The children returned to school with a tremendous attitude this week. They have worked hard and produced some excellent work, particularly in response to the woodland settings that they created in teams outside the classroom. We also started learning how to play, or improve our tennis skills. Certificates went to Hannah and Zach for their superb writing, as well as Bobby for the huge effort he has put into everything this week. Well done Year 4!

26.3.21 Water, sponges and a whole lot of fun!

A brilliant week of learning and fun for all in Year 4! The children have produced some excellent artwork for their part in the Stations of the Cross reflection. They also completed their biographies of Saint Joseph. On Thursday the children took it in turns to throw wet sponges at each other for our work to support Mission Together this Easter. Everyone was smiling and laughing throughout the activity, which even included a few throws at the teacher! Awards for Caitlin, Thomas and Sam capped off a great week all round.

Wet sponges 1

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Wet sponges 2

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Wet sponges 3

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Wet sponges 4

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Wet sponges 5

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19.3.21 Sticks, tags and tremendous work

This week, we finally got to practise our tag rugby skills outside together. The children showcased some great handling and extremely quick feet. We took our Maths learning outside and used sticks to create fraction walls, and it was another excellent week for Joe, who was joined by Darragh, Inaya And Ethan in receiving certificates. Well done everyone!

11.3.21 First week back

Super effort all round this week. The children have worked hard, been kind and started to get back into the routines of the school day. There are a couple of photos below showing the children exploring different rhythms as part of their learning in music this week. Also, a special mention to Joe, Lucy, Joe and Mia for their excellent efforts this week!

11.12.20 Christmas is on its way!

Another super week in Year 4. the children have been finishing off topics, designing Roman shields, playing in a hockey tournament and some have even been treating the class to some festive cheer. The video below is just a snippet of the musical talent in the class. Well done to Sam, Inaya, Zach and Darragh for their great performance. A special mention to Lucy, Mia and Caitlin for their hard work to receive certificates this week.

Jingle Bells

Still image for this video

4.12.20 Glockenspiels and Christmas rehearsals

This week the children starting learning their piece of music which will be recorded for all to see before the Christmas break. So far, so good!


Well done to Elliot, Joe and Aidan for receiving certificates this week!

27.11.20 Perfect slaps and lots of effort

More excellent work in Year 4 this week, including - writing of alternative chapters to How to Train Your Dragon, 'slap' hits in hockey, coding a timetable game in Scratch and some assessments.

The children have completed their times tables games, and using the same algorithm they designed, they should be able to make a simple addition or subtraction game too. 

We also learned how to do a 'slap' hit in hockey, which is used when trying to hit a firmer pass, or shoot at goal. One of the certificates this week went to Caitlin, who according to Mrs O'Hare performed the perfect slap hit technique. Other certificates to Will and Bobby who also stood out for their effort and greater level of responsibility this week. Well done everybody!

20.11.20 Museums, anti-bullying and story plans

Another busy week in Year 4 is complete. The children fully engaged in their virtual visit to the British museum, completing a Kahoot quiz and asking some fantastic questions about Roman artefacts and treasure. They also planned their alternative chapters for How to Train Your Dragon, which they will write on Monday. Earlier in the week the children discussed anti-bullying week, before a more in-depth conversation about race-bullying today. Joe, Quinn and Libby were particularly impressive this week, and they thoroughly deserve their certificates! Well done everybody!

13.11.20 Hockey, dialogue and augmented reality

The children have carried out a range of different activities this week, which included acting out conversations between dragons, hot-seating Zechariah, playing small sided games in hockey and exploring Roman artefacts and buildings, using augmented reality. The children also marked world kindness day on Friday by carrying out random acts of kindness. Special mention to Lucy, Joe and Zach for their exceptional efforts this week to receive awards.

6.11.20 Young ambassadors training

An exceptional first week back for Year 4, which included the Young ambassadors training from the Stockport SHAPES alliance. The photos show some of the activities completed by the children during this training. Certificates went to Darragh, Inaya and Max this week! Well done all!

23.10.20 End of the first half term

Some more brilliant work in all areas this week. A photo of our three prize winners - Finnian, Mia and Tom is below. I hope the children have a well earned rest!

16.10.20 Quotes from the Bible

The children created some lovely prayer cards using Pic Collage. they selected quotes from the Bible and used them as the theme for their cards. Some examples can be found below, as well as a picture of our award winners this week. Well done children!


9.10.20  Lacrosse and a budding photographer

Year 4 have been honing their lacrosse skills this week and have started to play some small sided games. As you can see from the photos we have some very determined players in the class. Special mention to our award winners this week - Aidan, Ethan and Jake, and also Bobby, who was on hand to take these excellent photos of the lacrosse action.

2.10.20 Artists in the making

The children have created some superb pieces of art this week to represent the story of Moses leading the Israelites to freedom, from the book of Exodus.

As part of the 'Reading is Magic' week, they completed a draw-along with Illustrator, Steven Lenton, and watched the BIG draw off.


The children have had another great week. They are really enjoying our science topic ‘Electricity.’

18.9.20 Conscience alley and science

The children continued their excellent start with some great work in Religion and Science. The children completed a conscience alley, where they got into role as Reuben (Joseph's older brother). In Science they explored the components of a simple circuit.

11.9.20 Week one

A superb first week in Year 4 for all the children. They have settled in very quickly and shown that they are ready to learn. Well done for all your effort this week!


Outtakes from the class photo can be seen below, as well as our first Gold award!