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Year 5




This week, Year 5 really enjoyed a special 'Murder Mystery' Science lesson delivered by Mrs. Harrison.  The children collected evidence at a crime scene, examined thumb prints, examined traces of blood and became real detectives.  It was a fantastic afternoon, many thanks to Mrs. Harrison!


What a week!  Year 5 had a brilliant time during our visit to pizza express.  We had a tour of the kitchen, learnt about the different ingredients used in the restaurant and then made our own pizzas!  It was brilliant fun.  Thank you very much to all of the parents who helped with lifts on the day.

As well as our Pizza Express trip, Year 5 also enjoyed a very special visit from Kiwi McDermott.  Kiwi is a Green Cheek Conure Parrot that originates from Brazil, which links perfectly to our animals of the Amazon Rainforest topic.  Many thanks to Mrs. McDermott for bringing Kiwi into our class and talking to us about him.  We really enjoyed it!


We had a brilliant time during our taster day at St. James' High School.  The children really enjoyed taking part in Science, Food Technology, French and ICT lessons. 


As part of our PSHE topic, Year 5 worked in groups to create a drama that highlighted the importance of being safe around water.  The children worked well together and produced some excellent work!


This week was Healthy Lifestyles Week.  We completed many special activities for the week, including investigating the amount of sugar in various popular soft drinks.  The children were very shocked by their findings!


As well as Healthy Lifestyles week, on Wednesday, Year 5 went to Jodrell Bank.  It was a brilliant day in which the children participated in two workshops, as well as explored the various pavilions and grounds of Jodrell Bank.  We had a great time!


This week as part of our Brazil topic, Year 5 came up with reasons both for and against the statement: 'All Favelas should be torn down.'  The children will now use these ideas to plan and write an argument text.


This week the children took part in a wheelchair volleyball session with Mr. Emsley.  It was a new experience for Year 5.  The children really enjoyed learning and appreciating the skills required for this exciting sport.


Year 5 completed their three chapter 'fear'/mystery stories.  Each member of the class planned and wrote three fantastic chapters:  the overall standard of their stories is outstanding and they are a joy to read!



Year 5 started their new topic for the summer term: Brazil.  The children brainstormed their initial knowledge of Brazil and discussed what they would like to learn during the topic.


Year 5 beautifully presented the Stations of the Cross to the rest of the school.  Every single child did a wonderful job.  Well done children!


Year 5 had a brilliant time in our first dodgeball game of the year!  The match made for highly entertaining viewing!


This week, as part of Science week, Year 5 carried out a scientific investigation to answer the question, 'Do people with longer legs jump further than people with shorter legs?'



Year 5 went to Harrytown High School for their second and final cooking session.  Linked to our WW2 topic, the children made rock buns, pancakes, apple crumble and potato & carrot cakes, using rationed ingredients.

A huge thank you to Mrs. Chadwick at Harrytown High School for making this possible!


KINGSWOOD - What a week!! The children have all had an amazing time, as have the teachers!  

We have been zip wiring, caving, rock climbing, abseiling, lazer questing, fencing, building shelters, as well as a whole host of other wonderful activities!

The children have all been wonderful -  I can't praise them enough.  They have all been a huge credit to themselves and fantastic representatives of St. Peter's.

Well done Year 5!


Year 5 enjoyed World Book day!  There were plenty of wonderful costumes on show and we all particularly enjoyed the visit of 'Book Man' who came in and did some drama activities with the children.


The children designed their own comic strip, focusing on the dangers of social networking sites and how we can stay safe on them.  They presented their work to the school during the PSHE assembly.



This week Year 5 held a 'Poetry Slam' in class.  The children performed their own poems and experimented with the pace, volume, intonation and expression in their delivery to add effect.



This week the children completed a piece of ICT work, which they have been working very hard on over the past few weeks. The children have programmed their own set of algorithms to make a game involving two characters, a scoring system and their own variables.


Year 5 carried out a Science investigation, finding out which surfaces around school generate the most and least amount of friction.


The children have been working hard designing their own North American physical or human features. The quality of work has been fantastic!


This week, Year 5 performed their own rap to promote religious tolerance and warn people against bullying others based on their Religious beliefs. They wrote the rap themselves and pulled off a magnificent performance! Well done to all of them.


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This week the children made a start on our junk modelling project. Working in pairs, they began to use household junk to construct their own North American human feature!


What an amazing week!

Firstly, we had a brilliant 'Scootfit' session in which we practised our scooter skills on a racing track around the playground.

Following this, we were visited by the 'Google Expeditions' team. All of the children were given a pair of virtual reality goggles, which transported them to Washington D.C for a tour around the White House. We then went on an expedition around Hawaii. What a brilliant time!


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Year 5 had a great time in our first gymnastics lesson of the year.  The children recapped different types of rolls, before linking them to balances, focusing on quality and control.


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This week the children have been learning all about the Jewish faith. The children identified items on a Seder plate and then came up with their own version of one.


This week, year 5 enjoyed a PSHE 'circles' session in which they thought about and discussed how their actions can effect others in both a positive and negative way. They also came up with some brilliant ways in which they can react, respond and handle themselves if they get into an argument.


Year 5 finished their 'Paws.b' mindfulness training with Mrs. McBride. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and learnt lots about how their brains work and how they can stay in control of their own thoughts and feelings. Thank you Mrs. McBride!


In Science, we have been focusing on how our body grows and develops as we get older. This week we spent time investigating our head to body ratio to see if the proportions of a year 5 child differ to those of a baby or an adult.


Linked with our topic of North America, in PE Year 5 have been focusing on Basketball.

This week, the children applied their skills to game situations.

The skill and ability shown by the children was excellent!


Year 5 have been working with Mrs. McBride who comes in every Wednesday morning to teach the children 'mindfulness' skills and strategies. The children have focused on the importance of breathing in focusing their minds on what they want to achieve.

The children have really enjoyed working with Mrs. McBride!


In Maths the children worked in pairs to complete addition and subtraction related problem solving activities. They worked very well together, discussing exactly what strategies and processes they needed to use in order to answer each question.


In line with our North America topic, our art is focusing on the work of Walt Disney -

'An American Dream'.

This week the children followed a set of instructions to sketch Disney's most iconic character 'Mickey Mouse'.  Their final product was outstanding!





Dear Lord,

Thank you for our special, loving, unique, helpful grandparents.

They give so much of there love to us:

helping us, buying us presents, telling us stories and spending their time making us feel happy.

They are more than grandparents to us;

they are our friends.

Look over them and help them to feel just as happy and as special as they do us.