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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Class teacher - Mr O' Connor

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Wiatr

25th June 2021



Venture Out trip

14th May 2021

Year 5 really enjoyed our virtual workshop with Paul Patrick the lead percussionist from the BBC Philharmonic orchestra.

14th May


Stone Age axes!

16th April 2021


This week the children created stunning silhouette artwork to celebrate the start of their new History topic; Stone age to Iron Age.

IMG_2807 (1).mp4

Still image for this video


This week Year 5 have been working very hard on their 'Portriats' portfolios. Photos below.


The photos below are of the children engaged in an art activity inspired by 'Fox' by Margaret Wild. Enjoy!



Last Friday, Year 5 had the privilege of erecting and decorating the school Christmas tree! Once we figured out how it worked, the class had a great time working in groups to add baubles and lights to it. As always the children were responsible and considerate of others as they worked.


This week we worked hard on area and perimeter in maths. To finish this unit of work we took our learning outside and solved problems with measuring sticks and cones in the playground. Year 5 worked incredibly well and their ability to work in small teams to get the work done was impressive. Confident, capable children showing what they can do!


Gold - Owen

Star - Charlotte P

Star - Sophia D


Perimeter was the main focus of this week's maths work and Year 5 really extended themselves. Their ability to make mathematical links meant that we moved on to very challenging questions quite quickly. They demonstrated great team-work skills while solving problems in pairs. Their focus and determination to figure out tricky problems independently was impressive! Photos are below. Year 5 also celebrated the beginning of Advent though prayer and artwork. 


Star Award - Rory. Taking responsibility and stepping up to a challenge.

Star Award - Kaila. Demonstrating maturity and a great attitude.

Gold Award - Sophia B. A pleasure to teach every single day


This week's highlight was an excellent History lesson on Wednesday. All of the children's hard work and independent research culminated in a very enjoyable and informative lesson. We explored how Vera Lynn was an inspirational person during the war even though she wasn't part of the armed forces. We even managed to sneak in a little bit of The Lightening Seeds' 'Football's Coming Home'. Ask your child to explain the link!


Star - Joshua. For producing a fantastic name card as part of our School Linking work 

Star - Ethan. Demonstrating real confidence reading his work out to the class

Gold - Charlotte L. Excellent attitude to her learning all week. 


This week the children created some excellent RE-themed craftwork. Moses parting the Red Sea was the focus of one of our lessons and we explored it a little differently to normal. We also read about the Jewish tradition of Passover and looked into the symbolism of each element of the Sedar plate. Photos below.


Star: Max. Fantastic focus during factors and multiples lessons

Star: Mia. Demonstrating great confidence in PE

Gold: Daniel Byers. Using excellent manners at all times 


Fantastic perspective artwork and thoughtful responses to demanding poetry tasks were the highlights of this week in Y5. English and Art had a war theme as part of our remembrance work. The children used a haunting image of Auschwitz to explore the concept of perspective. We spoke about the place's history and discussed its use today. This week's poetry was all war themed. The children's responses to some challenging themes were responsible, mature and focused. I am very proud of Y5 yet again. I'm sure you are too. 


Star Award - Ryan. Excellent behaviour and an outstanding attitude to his work

Star Award - Loic. Thoughtful responses in poetry

Star Award - Dexter. Demonstrating real confidence when expressing his opinion


A little while ago Year 5 produced fantastic cards for the people in our community who are housebound or shielding at the minute. This week we received two messages of thanks from locals who received them! One recipient even sent in a card of her own to say thanks! 


Drawing and interpreting line graphs was this week's focus. The children tackled some very tricky problems and produced two excellent graphs themselves. Pictures below. 


Gold Award - Nate - focusing on his work and doing his very best throughout the day 


Star Award - Sofia  - showing great confidence in class day after day

Star Award - Daniel - contributing very well to RE discussions and debates



This highlight of this week was undoubtedly Y5's treat afternoon which was enjoyed on Wednesday. The children deserved a little treat given the quality of the Denominational Report we received recently. The class chose to complete some artwork, play outside and watch part of a movie with some popcorn. As always, they showed impeccable manners and were very grateful.



Gold Award - Mia. An excellent attitude to her work all week, pushing herself in every way!

Star Award - Emily. A brilliant reading of her English work in front of the class.

Star Award - Owen. A focused approach to his extending writing in English paid dividends.

Open Evening


Please have a look through the slide show below for a flavour of the excellent work that takes place every day in Year 5! 

Friday 16th October

Year 5 had another great week! This week they worked particularly hard in their music lesson with Mr Smith. Their lessons have a WW2 theme to tie in with their History work. Keep it up Y5!



This week in Year 5 we explored numbers up to one million. We ordered them, plotted them and used them in context. In English the children began their draft of an extended piece of writing based on our class book. RE consisted of a focus on the life of Michelangelo and how he used his incredible talents to praise God. The children also completed eye-catching fact files based on alcohol and smoking as part of our PSHE work. Photos below.


Star Awards - Charlotte P and Charlotte L

Gold Award - Euan


Well done children!


2nd November 2020


The highlight of this week was the children creating beautiful 'Thinking of You' cards that will be given to parishioners who are shielding / housebound at the moment. We spoke about why some people may feel isolated at this time and what we can do as a community to help them. The children responded thoughtfully and maturely, producing fantastic cards. Yet again the children in Year 5 and the school as a whole serve the local community in every way they can. 


The children also took part in the Reading Is Magic festival and watched a book unveiling by Cressida Cowell! 

25th September 2020


This week Year 5 have written some creative and atmospheric poetry. They wrote one relating to the theme of 'fear' and the other focused on similes and had the theme of 'waiting'. Our book 'Pig Heart Boy' was the inspiration for both. In maths we explored negative numbers and Roman numerals - some very impressive work was produced. St Vincent de Paul was the focus of Year 5's RE this week. We read about his life and the amazing work of the St Vincent de Paul Society.

11th September 2020


Year 5 have had a fantastic start back! It has been a real pleasure having them back in school so eager to learn!We have wasted no time getting stuck into Year 5 work. The children have responded brilliantly. Place value exploration in numbers up to 10,000 was the focus of our maths. In grammar we explored different types of nouns and in English we started our fascinating book ‘Pig Heart Boy’. In RE we started our new topic and the class created some very eye-catching artwork to compliment the written work they completed. Mrs Emmerson and Mrs Wiatr have started hearing each child read and we have also started our new class book 'The Firework Maker’s Daughter' by Phillip Pullman.