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Year 1

Welcome to the Year 1 Class page 2021 - 2022

Class Teacher - Miss McKeever.

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Quinn & Mrs Atherton.


Please enjoy our weekly highlight of something we have enjoyed doing in Year 1.

22.11.21 - 26.11.21

Religion - Class Liturgy.
The children took part in their first ever class liturgy. Their chosen theme was Creation and Gods Great World. The children were excellent in helping to prepare and choose the reading, prayers and hymns. They shared their knowledge with confidence and faithfulness. Well done Year 1 for a fantastic first liturgy, You were wonderful :)

15.11.21 - 19.11.21

Boogie Bounce
We had an exciting activity this week at St Peter's. The team from Boogie Bounce came to get us active and engaged with a different style of physical activity. The children took part in a trampoline/dance experience. Below are some photos of the event. The children loved this experience and were all fantastic. Amazing work Year 1 :)

Boogie Bounce

Still image for this video

8.11.21 - 12.11.21


Science - Seasons and leaves

This week, in Science, the children produced some excellent leaf kebabs! We went on a hunt for different types of leaves and searched for the most interesting shapes and colours. Following this, the children chose a suitable kebab stick from the ground and threaded the different leaves onto it. Once complete, we used information from the Woodland Trust (see PDF below the photos) to identify the leaves that we had used.


01.11.21 - 05.10.21

DT - Making a Pirate Ship.
This week the children worked hard to create their own pirate ship. They had to paint and decorate their ship and then assemble the pieces together. The children had lots of fun designing and decorating their ships and they all look amazing! Well done Year 1 :)

18.10.21 - 22.10.21

Maths - Number Bonds to 10.
The children have been working on hard to recognise number bonds within 10. They worked in pairs using the cubes to find as many different ways as they could to make a total within 10. After a tricky start, the children remained resilient with their learning and became increasingly confident as the week went on. Well done Year 1 :) 

11.10.21 - 15.10.21

PE - Multi-skills 
During this half term, the children have been working on their fundamental movement skills and developing their throwing, catching and controlling skills. The children also have taken part in several team building games where they have had to solve PE themed problems. Linked to our RE work this week we used the rainbow symbol, and dug out the parachute to end our lesson to round off our team building games for the lesson. Well done Year 1, we had lots of fun!

04.10.21 - 08.10.21

Reading - Reading for pleasure.
We love to listen to and read different stories and texts in Year 1! This week, Mrs Atherton treated us to listening to the story 'Burglar Bill' by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. The children were hooked and had lots of fun listening to and discussing parts of the story. Thank you to Mrs Atherton for sharing one of your favourite stories with us! We can wait to listen to and read more stories together :)

27.9.21 - 01.10.21

English - Sequencing & Re-telling A Story.
This week we used the story of 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea' as our focus text. The children had to sequence the story and then using puppets were asked to re-tell the story in groups. Well done Year 1. You performed very confident and accurate puppet shows. Well done :)

20.9.21 - 24.9.21

Religion - Creation
This week the children learnt about the story of Creation, from the Book of Genesis. They made picture storyboards to show the order of Gods creation. Then, using items from around the classroom, they had to work in groups to put together a visual representation of this knowledge. Well done Year 1. You worked hard at each activity :)

13.9.21 - 17.9.21

Geography - The UK
This week, in Geography, the children learnt about the countries within the UK and its capital cities. They began by exploring the UK and looking at it on a map. They had to practise recognising the names of the four countries then, using the outdoor UK map in our playground, work as a team to establish the location of each country. The children had lots of fun working together and all did very well with this activity. Well done Year 1! Excellent start to our first Geography topic! :) 

Geography - Recognising and naming countries in the UK.