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Morning Prayer Group

Morning Prayer

Our Faith Room, accessed from the school playground, is open each morning for voluntary prayer between 9:00 a.m. and 9:10 a.m. Prayer is led by pupils, parents and staff.

All members of the school community are welcome.

31st January 2019

Celebration Prayer Breakfast

The Prayer Group Welcome Breakfast was held in the Faith Room and was a great success. 

It was a perfect opportunity to visit the Prayer Group. The Faith Council supported the Prayer Group by choosing the theme, the Gospel reading, prepared prayers and the activities to take place.

14th June 2017

A "Welcome Breakfast", took place in the Faith Room on 14th June 2017.

It was well attended by children staff and parents.


Friday 27th May 2016

Thank you to the Year 6 pupils and all those involved in the Morning Prayer group who led us in song, actions and prayer on the playground this morning. 


Friday 1st July 2016

A "Welcome Breakfast", took place in the Faith Room.