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Year 1

Year 1 2023 - 2024

Class Teacher - Miss McKeever
Teaching Assistant - Mrs Atherton

19th - 23rd February 2024

English - Introduction To New Focus Text 

This week Year 1 discovered some bones in our classroom. They were tasked with being detectives to uncover where they had come from and who they belonged to. The children had to become archaeologists and work to describe the bones and write questions to look into further.  

5th - 9th February 2024

PE - Gymnastics

Year 1 have had a wonderful half term developing their gymnastic skills. This week they have worked on their spins and balances. They were very creative and look forward to every lesson. Take a look at some of their excellent work!

29th January - 2nd February 2024


22nd - 26th January 2024

Handwriting - Dough Disco

This week Year 1 took part in their first dough disco! They used the new playdough, kindly bought by the PTA to help to build their hand muscles and fine motor skills to prepare them to work on their handwriting. The children loved our morning starter and are looking forward to it becoming a part of our weekly timetable. smiley

15th - 19th January 2024

Topic - Music

We have loved our recent topic of music. The children have learnt chants, created ostinatos and performed marches. The children got to play a range of instruments and worked collaboratively to perform for one another. It has been a wonderful (although a bit noisy) few weeks. We can't wait for our next music topic! 

8th - 12th January 2024

Art - Portraits

The children have enjoyed our most recent Art topic, portraits. They have worked well to develop many skills across this unit, from pencil skills, painting, collage and clay skills. The children experimented this week with different paints and rounded off the unit by creating a clay self portrait. Well done Year 1, you are all budding artists! smiley

18th - 22nd December 2023

Christmas Party Day

The children had a wonderful Christmas party day. They played games, danced and enjoyed some Christmas activities. After sharing some treats together they even had a visit from Father Christmas. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. See you in 2024! 


11th - 15th December 2023

Christmas Play - Nativity 2023

After weeks of hard work and preparations, Y1 along with Y2 and Reception performed their Christmas play, 'Tinsel and the Gigantic Star'. The children were excellent! Each child was confident in their speaking part and entertained everyone with their excellent singing, acting and Makaton skills. Well done for a fantastic performance Y1, you were incredible! heartsmiley

4th - 8th December 2023

 RE - Advent

This week the children celebrated the beginning of Advent. Through assemblies and RE lessons the children learnt about ways we, as Christians, prepare and celebrate Advent. The children created a class wreath and some fantastic work to demonstrate their knowledge. Each child created and Advent promise during our weekly class reflection. Well done Y1 for being so faithful and respectful during your learning time this week. 

27th November - 1st December 2023

IT - Programming and Sequencing

The children have loved their new IT topic. They have started their first week of this topic by practising following directions and sequencing characters and other games to build their programming skills. Well done Year 1, you are future coding superstars! smiley


20th - 24th November 2023

Anti-Bullying Week


13th - 17th November 2023

Anti-Bullying Week

One particular focus for this week was Anti-bullying week. Y1 started their week celebrating odd socks day, a day where they reflected and celebrated how we are all unique and this is something to champion and accept about one another. The children then focused on ways we can all be a good friend and shared their understanding and ideas about this with one another. 

6th - 10th November 2023

Y1 Liturgy - Remembrance Day 

This week, Y1 worked hard to create a Liturgy to share with their families. Our chosen theme was Remembrance Day. The children learnt about the significance of the day and spent the week reflecting upon their thoughts about this day and war and conflict around the world. The child created prayers, art work and wishes for the world. The children worked hard to prepare a fantastic Liturgy and were confident and respectful in sharing it. Well done Year 1! heart

30th October - 3rd November 2023

We Love Reading - Reading for Pleasure 

We decided to have a reading reset. This week the children spent time exploring and getting lost in stories within our school library and thinking about the fun and joy the reading gives to us. The children came away feeling refreshed and excited to read a wider range of texts and to discover all the fun reading has to offer. laugh

16th - 20th October 2023

DT - Finishing Our Toy Car Garages

This week, Year 1 completed their toy car garages. They worked hard to assemble the parts and decorate their garage ready to test out their stable structure. Fantastic work Year 1, you have all worked incredibly hard on this project. 😊

9th - 13th October 2023

DT - Making Toy Car Garages

This week the children began to make their toy car garages. After designing and carefully selecting the best materials, the children brought in boxes and began painting and adding car parking spaces. Watch this space to see the final product!

2nd - 6th October 2023

Maths - Part Whole Models/Number Sentences

This week Year 1 have worked hard to write addition number sentences and addition fact families. The children used the part whole diagram and counters and cubes to make their number sentences then had to carefully write number sentences and fact families.

25th - 29th September 2023

Topic - History - Toys. 

This week the children rounded off their topic on Toys from the past. They each brought in one of their favourite toys from home and had to present it to the class. The children created toy museum where they could play and share their favourite toys with one another. They had such a lovely afternoon. Well done Year 1. 

18th - 22nd September 2023

Enrichment Time - Disco

This week, the children voted for a disco during their enrichment time. We downed tools on Friday afternoon and took to the hall for an afternoon of dancing and fun with friends. The children loved playing games, requesting songs and laughing at Miss McKeever's song suggestions. Thank you for a lovely afternoon Year 1! smiley

11th - 15th September 2023

Class Charter - Year 1 Bees & Expectations

This week the children helped to create a class charter. They  helped to decide upon our behaviour expectations for the year and the ways to celebrate their success through work, behaviour and general school life. The children then all had their photo taken to become a Year 1 worker bee for our recognition board.