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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6's class page!

We look forward to sharing what we have learned each week.

RE Summer Term 2

Whitby day 2 #childrenbeingchildren

Friday 12th July

This week, Year 6, along with the help of Year 5, performed 'The Jungle Book'. They were amazing! The acting, singing, costumes and scenery all helped to make a fantastic play. Well done everybody! 

Friday 28th June

This week, Year 6 created beautiful Indian-themed pieces of art. They used mathematical shapes to repeat patterns which created a lovely, intricate design. 

Friday 21st June

On Tuesday, children in Year 6 attended bowling with their Reception Special Friends. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The Year 6 children were very helpful and caring towards the Reception children. 

Friday 14th June

This week, the children in Year 6 attended a retreat day at the parish centre. It was linked to the theme of 'Out of the Greenhouse', referring to the idea that the seeds of knowledge and learning have been planted in their minds during their time at primary school. Soon, when they leave for high school, they will grow from all of the new experiences that they will gain. The children enjoyed playing games, singing songs and participating in a variety of activities. 

Friday 24th May

This week, children in Year 6 wrote about the moments leading up to a nerve-racking time in either their or someone else's life. They used Tom Daly and Harry Kane as inspiration for their writing. After creating their first draft, the children worked hard to improve their work independently with green pen. They wrote their final version today. 

Friday 17th May

This week, all children in Year 6 have worked so hard to complete their assessments - they should be so proud of themselves! To end the week, they enjoyed competing in a rounders tournament. Well done Year 6!

Friday 10th May

This week, children in Year 6 completed their Maya sculptures by painting them. A few weeks ago the children created the sculptures with an artist, who then took them away to be fired. Once returned, the children painted them gold. 

Friday 3rd May

This week, children in Year 6 have participated in a Collective Worship session with Mrs Emmerson. In our classroom, we have a prayer table which displays work from these sessions. We also have a beautiful cushion which was made by children from St. Bernadette's house, and has been part of our Easter celebration. 

Friday 26th April

Today, Year 6 have celebrated St. George's day by wearing red and white. They have learned more about British values by focusing on 'Individual Liberty'. They learned about the Declaration of Human Rights and how this makes where we live a better place to be. 

Friday 12th March

This week, Year 6 have worked hard to prepare for Easter. They presented their assembly, which reflected on Jesus' time in the Garden of Gethsemane. All children also created Easter cards to share with their families. 

Friday 5th April

This week, Year 6 have enjoyed a variety of activities. On Monday, they attended Hazel Grove Baptist Church where they walked the Easter Trail. The next day, the children welcomed sculptor Adrian Holt who taught them how to create a Maya ceramic. On Thursday, all children participated in a problem solving challenge: build the tallest tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows. 

Friday 29th March

This afternoon, the children in Year 6 had the pleasure of welcoming Jissa back into class. They enjoyed asking all about her life in India as well as telling her about what has been happening here at St. Peter's. We miss you, Jissa!

Friday 22nd March

Yesterday, Year 6 (along with the rest of the school) enjoyed a visit from Sarah McKeever, who was a pole vaulter and currently works for BBC Sport. The children were inspired by her hard work and determination, as well as her energy and enthusiasm. Sarah's visit has encouraged us all to be more active, and to have fun whilst doing it!

Friday 15th March

This week, Year 6 have enjoyed raising money for charity by creating games for the rest of the school to play. Check next week's newsletter for their final total!

Friday 8th March

This week, Year 6 have enjoyed celebrating World Book Week. On Monday, everyone began to write their own poem after being inspired by Matt Goodfellow’s entertaining assembly. Today, Year 6 have enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book character. 

Friday 1st March

This week, children in Year 6 used 'Editing Stations' to improve their own writing. They are learning that after comlpleting a first draft, it is important that they look for any corrections they could make as well as anywhere that they could improve their work e.g. by adding mor detail or using a different word. 

Friday 15th February

This week, Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed Maths Week. They have participated in many activities including Maths linked with PE, a workshop with AS Creatives and designing their own theme park. They have enjoyed being taught by different teachers and linking each area of the curriculum with Maths. 

Friday 8th February

This week, Year 6 acknowledged 'Wellbeing Week'. They watched a clip about how to cope with anxiety. Then they practised mindfulness, discussing their feelings throughout the course of the day. All children suggested ways to cope with negative feelings e.g. talking to someone. Finally, all children discussed how St. Peter's supports their Wellbeing everyday e.g. supportive teachers, playtime, education, healthy lunches, PE lessons etc. 

Friday 1st February

This week, Year 6 reflected on the importance of forgiveness. They thought about the idea that holding a grudge against someone makes us feel unhappy and that it is much better to forgive in order to feel happy ourselves. Children had the option to drop a fizzing sweet into the water, symbolising someone that they wanted to forgive and letting the grudge go. 

Friday 25th January

Today, Year 6 enjoyed playing a variety of musical instruments in their Music lesson with Mr Smith. They composed their own Ternary Form linked to 'The Maya'. 

Friday 18th January

This week the children in Year 6 completed a number of reflection problems. Some problems required them to draw upon their knowledge of other parts of the Maths curriculum e.g. coordinates. 

Friday 11th January

This week, children in Year 6 have read 'Way Home', which is about a young boy who is homeless. They researched more about homelessness in the UK, then discussed the pros and cons of giving money to homeless people on the street. The children were split into teams to debate the subject. They were extremely impressive with how confident and articulate they were. 

Friday 14th December

This week, Year 6 enjoyed visiting Shepley House. They sang Christmas Carols and had a lovely chat with some of the residents. 

Friday 7th December

This week, the children in Year 6 have enjoyed making plans for the Year 6 Christmas Talent Competition, which will take place on party day. We can't wait to see what they have to offer!

Friday 30th November

This week, children in Year 6 have enjoyed reading about inspirational men and women. So far we have read about the life of Helen Keller, Muhammad Ali, Florence Nightingale, John Boyega, Zhang Xian and many more. Please ask your child to tell you more about the people they have enjoyed reading about. 

Friday 23rd November

This week, children in Year 6 enjoyed a visit from the chaplain at Harrytown High School. They used 'The Lego Movie' as inspiration for their friendship discussion. They had to create their own figures that had  features needed for friendship e.g. ears for listening. 

Friday 16th November

This week, the children in Year 6 created a brilliant display to share their learning in Science. Thank you to Mrs Coyle, who worked hard to support the children with this. 

Friday 9th November

This week, Year 6 attended 'Poppyfest' at Hazel Grove Methodist Church. They learned about soldiers, women, animals and children in the wars. They also learned about the different colour poppies and their significance. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the visit and were amazed by how beautifully the church was decorated. 

Friday 2nd November

This week, the children began to prepare for their upcoming Reconciliation service. They created posters about the word 'reconciliation' or about a time when they have been sorry.

Friday 12th October

This week, all children completed their Viking longships and made a fabulous display.

Friday 5th October

This week, the children in Year 6 have worked very hard to design and create Viking longship models. They used milk bottles to create the shape, then painted the boats. The children used a variety of materials to create a sail and shields. 

Friday 28th September

This week, children in Year 6 have worked extremely hard to memorise a section of 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes. Most children recited their poems on Friday and were fantastic! Well done everyone!

Friday 21st September

This week, Year 6 welcomed Donna from 'Hand on Heart'. They learned all about saving lives, including how to give CPR and how to use a defibrillator. Everyone  enjoyed the session, understanding the importance of having such skills. 

Congratulations to Imogen and Eva whose designs now feature on our Music books.

Friday 14th September

This week, all children in Year 6 enjoyed their PE lesson with Mrs O'Hare. They began their sequence of lessons on tag rugby by practising attacking and dodging skills. Mrs O'Hare was extremely impressed!