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Class Liturgies/Masses

Reception's Liturgy 15th November 2021

God's World

Parents / Guardians Feedback:-

  • 'You were all super! You made me smile, you made me giggle and you made my day!
  • Beautiful, don't change a thing.
  • Well done to all of you. You did us proud with your beautiful singing.
  • A really lovely Liturgy, thank you Reception.
  • Fantastic! All of the Reception children an amazing job.
  • This afternoon has been so special to be able to come in and see the class pray together. The singing was fantastic and we are proud of them all.
  • A big thank you to all of you Reception for a lovely Liturgy. You were all so wonderful.
  • Lovely to watch and listen to. The children all did so well, very beautiful.
  • It was so very special being back in school and seeing the wonderful work done by the children. Thank you so much St Peter's.
  • I thought it was lovely in so many ways. Obviously it was fabulous to be back in school celebrating a Liturgy with the children. It was lovely to see them all participating and enjoying the music.
  • It was lovely to be in school to see Reception. They were all so well behaved.
  • Well done Reception. Lovely to be back in school.
  • You all did an amazing job.
  • Everyone did a wonderful job, well done Reception.

Receptions Liturgy 16th March 2020

Mothers Day

Parents / Guardians feedback:

  • Lovely for Mothers Day, great singing
  • Lovely effort made by all the children.
  • It was a lovely Liturgy.
  • Very good.
  • Wonderful Liturgy. the children sat beautifully and the whole service felt very special.
  • Definitely pulled my heart strings. All the children were so good.
  • It was lovely.
  • So lovely to see the children participating in meaningful prayer and worship together. Really appreciated being invited.


Spring Term 2020 - LENT


This term the KS2 classes have participated in Reconciliation services during the season of Lent.

The celebrations have included readings, prayers and songs.

The children have also had the opportunity for quiet reflection

Year 1 Class Liturgy 3rd February 2020

Celebrating Family

Parents / Guardians feedback:

  • A lovely special Liturgy again.
  • really enjoyable. It is clear lots of work has gone into it. Very well done
  • Was most enjoyable and I thought the pupils did very well.
  • A fantastic Liturgy. All of the children did so well and read their lines with confidence.
  • My favourite one to date. it brought a tear to my eye! They were all fabulous with great organisation.
  • Well done Y1, great work, thoughtful and very sweet.
  • the liturgy was fantastic, well planned and extremely. well executed by all children.
  • Todays' Liturgy was lovely as always but the best thing was the phots that popped up. we always love the new songs they have learnt.
  • I thought this was the most beautiful class Liturgy that I have attended. The children were all amazing and I was very impressed with Miss McKeevers singing was so impressive so many of the children had memorised their lines. Well done
  • Fabulous Liturgy!. Brought a tear to my eye.

Y2 Class Liturgy 27th January 2020

Good News

Parents / Guardians feedback:

  • Lovely as always to see the children engaged and participating. Brilliant, we really enjoyed it, thank you.
  • Absolutely lovely as always. The children were fantastic, extremely well behaved throughout.
  • Wonderful as always. Such good singing and confident readings, well done.
  • Lovely Liturgy
  • A fantastic Liturgy, well done Y2
  • Thank you Y2 for such a brilliant Liturgy

Year 3 Class Liturgy 13th January 2020

Pope Francis says 'The Earth is God's gift to us. it is full of beauty and wonder, and it belongs to everyone. What we see today is that our common home has never been so hurt or mistreated.'

Parents / Guardians feedback:

  • Wonderful Liturgy and a great message for us all. Well done Y3 and Miss Booth.
  • Well done Y3 you were amazing.
  • The children did very well and were so well behaved.
  • A very thoughtful Liturgy - a lot of thoughts to take away. I loved the 'Earth' song, well done.
  • Lovely thoughtful Liturgy - well done Y3, such an important topic. The children could speak a little more slowly so their messages come across.
  • Lovely behaviour, great speaking. A POWERFUL message!
  • Wonderful as always . love that the children all participate and are aware of such a serious plight.
  • A tuneful, thoughtful and simply wonderful message conveyed with respect and enthusiasm.

Year 4 Class Mass Monday 9th December 2019

2nd week of Advent

A prayer written by the children;

Dear God, please help our school to prepare for Christmas, we think about our attitude to each other and our work. Amen

Reception - Liturgy 18th November 2019

God's World and His Family

Parent / Guardians feedback:

  • Really nice Liturgy, great seeing the children come together to show their good work. Thank you to Father Peter.
  • Really lovely Liturgy today, the children were great.
  • Beautiful Liturgy, perfectly pitched so that younger children could be a valid part of worship in school. So lovely to be invited.
  • Lovely Liturgy , the children did a fantastic job.
  • That was lovely and every child was involved. Thank you for inviting the parents.
  • Lovely get together . Songs were fun and upbeat. Don't change!
  • Wonderful and uplifting Liturgy, containing lovely material and participation by the children.
  • Children were thoroughly enjoying themselves. I too was smiling all the time.
  • I think the Liturgy was lovely, it was a pleasure to listen to the children.


Y5 Class Mass 11th November 2019


A prayer written by the children:

Lord God, we remember those injured in the service of their country often with injuries that are life changing and pray their lives are supported. Amen

Year 1 Liturgy 4th November 2019


Parents / Guardians feed back:

  • I thought it was very well done and all the children were excellent. well done
  • Well done Year 1 - quiet prayerful moments and what good singing.
  • Such a lovely Liturgy!. The children all seemed vey happy doing it.
  • Thank you for singing so well, some of my favourite action hymns. A lovely theme, well told.
  • Lovely as always for the opportunity to watch the Liturgies. Couldn't fault it, the children were excellent and are really growing in confidence.
  • Beautiful Liturgy as always with wonderful singing and enthusiasm. Maybe the children could have words / prayers over the weekend to practice, Fabulous job to all Y1 staff and children.
  • Wonderful singing 'Our God is a Great Big God' was the highlight. More of the kids being themselves written direction for children who can read would be an idea, but wonderful to see all kinds involved.
  • It's always lovely to hear the new songs the children have been learning. This Liturgy bighted my day.

Y6 Class Mass Monday 14th October 2019

Mary, Mother of Jesus.

A prayer written by the children:

God our Father, we have come together to thank you for Mary, Mother of Jesus, and our Mother too. She always did what you wanted her to do. Help us listen to you, and to do what you want with joy. Amen

Y2 Liturgy 7th October 2019

The Chosen people

Parents / Guardians feedback:

  • Lovely songs and great to hear the children's thoughts.
  • I really enjoyed seeing how the children have settled in and hearing them sing along to songs.
  • Great singing!
  • Wonderful as always. I will go home with lots to think about. Well done Y2.
  • Great as always to see the children demonstrating their learning.
  • A really lovely Liturgy as always, thank you. The children all looked happy and proud.
  • The children always love to take part in the Liturgy. It's great to see them all happy together.

Y3 Class Liturgy 23rd September 2019

World Food Day - thinking about the issues of food and hunger

Parents / Guardians feedback:

  • Lovely Liturgy, excellent singing! Great to see all the children so confident.
  • Such a beautiful Liturgy. Wonderful singing and reading. Well done Year 3.
  • Well don to all, a lovely Liturgy and message. Thank you for choosing two of my favourite hymns.

Reception Liturgy 15th July 2019


Parents / Guardians feedback:

  • Lovely to see confident children who talk about experiences of Church and family so well.
  • Reception's Liturgy was fabulous as usual. The children all song beautifully and had excellent behaviour.
  • It was wonderful to see every child involved , Thank you for all your hard work.
  • Lovely readings. Our favourite bit was the very happy singing.
  • A joy as always, very confident , happy atmosphere. I enjoyed the singing.
  • What a lovely celebration. Lovely to see every child involved . Thank you for the beautiful crosses.
  • A lovely Liturgy to end the year in Reception.

Y3 Liturgy 1st July 2019

St. Peter

The Disciple Simon recognised Jesus as the Messiah.

Jesus gave Simon a new name, Peter.

Jesus said 'On you I will be my Church'.

Y6 Class Mass Monday 17th June 2019

Holy Spirit

A prayer written by the children:

God our Father, let the Spirit you sent on the Church to begin the teaching of the Gospel continue to work in the lives of all who believe in you. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever . Amen

Year 1 Liturgy 20th May 2019

The Resurrection

Parents / Guardians feedback:

  • Amazing work and singing!
  • Fantastic! The children always do well.
  • A wonderful Liturgy, well done.
  • Lovely as always . I liked the songs.
  • A great choice of songs.
  • Another enjoyable Liturgy, lovely readings, prayers and singing.

Year 4 Class Mass Monday 13th May 2019

The Good Shepherd

We believe that Jesus is our shepherd and we are His sheep.

Sheep follow the shepherd's voice, because he provides for all their needs.

Do you always follow Jesus, our Good Shepherd?

Spring Term 2019 - LENT


This term the KS2 classes have participated in Reconciliation services during the season of Lent.

The celebrations have included readings, prayers and songs.

The children have also had the opportunity for quiet reflection.

Reception Liturgy 25th March 2019


Parents / Guardians feedback:

  • Thank you for including all parents. It was lovely to be involved in our children's formation.
  • The Liturgy was beautiful and very emotional, well done to everyone and thank you for a such a special Liturgy.
  • Lovely work from the Infants. Excellent learning on the love of Mummy's.
  • Lovely - So impressed with how much the children have learned and how well they did.
  • Thank you for all your hard work.
  • Today's Liturgy was lovely and super thoughtful for Mummy's. I know * really enjoyed all the preparations.
  • Enjoyable, well choreographed.
  • Lovely Liturgy, the children were very well behaved and Liturgy was well presented well, thank you.
  • Lovely message and so kind to have a little take way flower.
  • Lovely to see all the children taking part.
  • What a quiet and restful experience - well done.


Y1 Liturgy 28th January 2019


Parents / Guardians feedback:

  • What a fabulous Liturgy as always. Thank you.
  • Lovely to see all the children growing up. I Like the theme being family. (Lovely one for Miss Noble to finish on).
  • Excellent as always.
  • Lovely singing and fantastic work.
  • Really enjoyed the Liturgy once again! Fantastic theme for the children and lovely singing.
  • Children's reading was great!
  • Beautiful as usual! Love the 'Gift to You' song.
  • Very pleasant afternoon watching the children singing.
  • Lovely as always, great to see them involved.
  • Great work from all the children.

Y2 Liturgy 14th January 2019

'Good News'

Parents / Guardians feedback:

  • A lovely way to spend half an hour in the afternoon!
  • Well done to all - 'Good News' for all.
  • A pleasure to be part of such a wonderful service. The children were marvellous.
  • Very well prepared and a lovely atmosphere.
  • It was lovely, as always!

Reception Liturgy 19th November 2018

Celebrating 'God's World' and 'God's Family'.

Reception Parents / Guardians feedback:

  • Many thanks for inviting us to share in the class Liturgy. We are delighted that our child is being developed spiritually in such a wonderful Catholic School.
  • A well planned out Liturgy. The children behaved wonderfully and seem to enjoy it. Lovely to see.
  • What a lovely Liturgy! Loved the theme and the children were amazing.
  • I thought it was lovely to see the children so involved, looking forward to more.
  • Wonderful to be here - loved the songs. Well done to all.
  • A peaceful time, thank you.
  • It was so lovely to see what the children have been doing and I loved hearing the new songs they have learnt.
  • Thank you for a lovely Liturgy. It was nice that all the children were involved.
  • Really impressed with the Liturgy and aware of the hard work to produce a lovely event. Great creativity and inclusivity and messages for all!

Y1 Liturgy 8th October 2018

'Creation' - Celebrating God’s gift of His beautiful world.

Parents / Guardians feedback: -

  • Lovely, they all did really well.
  • Lovely singing by all the children.
  • The children were fantastic, a lovely Liturgy.
  • A fabulous Liturgy, very well done Year 1.
  • Was very lovely thank you! Especially enjoyed the last song.
  • Well done to all - everyone so involved and enjoying it!
  • Beautiful singing and so well behaved.
  • We really enjoyed the Liturgy. It is wonderful to see ******* getting more and more confident.

Y3 Liturgy 1st October 2018

Pope Francis says ‘The Earth is God’s gift to us'.

He tells us all to protect and take care of the Earth, our common home.


Parents / Guardians feedback: -

  • Lovely Liturgy an important subject. It's nice to see my ***** reading.
  • Thank you for a lovely Liturgy. Well linked to an important issue.
  • Wonderful as usual. All the kids were involved in some way. Many thanks
  • Very good Liturgy, well presented by the children as always.
  • Lovely as always, liked the question to take away.
  • So well prepared and presented. I liked the song and prayer - new to me. Well done.
  • Lovely Liturgy, nice songs and good clear messages.
  • Lovely as always. It was good to hear how younger ones can help to save resources.

Y2 Liturgy 24th September 2018

The Chosen People

Luke 5: 1-11 'Jesus chose some of His Disciples'.

Parents / Guardians feedback: -

  • Wonderful as always. All the children were involved and read brilliantly.
  • Beautiful singing and fantastic reading by all the class. The Liturgy always brings a joyful tear to my eye. Well done to everyone.
  • Love how they all get involved and have a role to play. Beautiful and very proud singing. Well done kids.
  • A beautiful class Liturgy with fabulous reading and singing. A very sensible bunch of children.
  • A pleasure as always to be part of a special time with the children. A joy to behold.
  • It was great to attend the Y2 Liturgy. All children did their part very well and their behaviour was excellent. Thank you teachers.

Year 2 Liturgy 26th June 2018

Parents / Guardians feedback:-

  • Lovely singing, it reminded me of singing at High School.
  • Thank you for another lovely Liturgy and the prayers were very nice.
  • The children were so well behaved.
  • Excellent story telling and the singing was very tuneful.
  • Lovely colourful Liturgy, well done.

Reception Liturgy 21st May 2018 - NEW LIFE

Parents / Guardians feedback:-

  • Lovely Liturgy, the children were so well behaved and sat nicely throughout.
  • As always it is so good to see all the children involved.
  • Lovely Liturgy as always, all the children showing how much their confidence has grown.
  • Lovely to see all the children taking part.

Year 1 Liturgy 30th May 2018

Parents / Guardians feedback: -

  • Wonderful as always. Lovely to see all the children involved and enjoying the Liturgy.
  • What a lovely time had by all.
  • Lovely singing, reading and great behaviour.
  • Wonderful yet again, totally appreciate how much goes into it.
  • The children did very well, they seemed to understand the message of peace.
  • Joyful and uplifting.
  • Good to be part of it as always. What confident children, well done to all.

Reception Liturgy ‘Getting to know Jesus’ 29.1.18

R Parents Feedback

  • The children were amazing! Very impressed with the difference in their confidence since the last Liturgy.
  • I lovely Liturgy the children were really good.
  • Wonderful as always. Well done teachers children and Father Peter.
  • Very impressed with their behaviour and participation of each and every child. Well done all.
  • Lovely songs the children all did very well at listening and joining in.
  • The children did great learning all the new songs and prayers, we really enjoyed it thank you!
  • Great effort by all the children.

Year 1 Liturgy 15.1.18

Y1 Parents Feedback

  • Excellent liturgy great songs
  • Lovely singing, lovely readings, I liked the peace path thank you.
  • Lovely choice of songs today and all very well prepared!
  • Brilliant liturgy, kids were so happy and we enjoyed their readings and singing thanks again.
  • Lovely and made me feel good on Monday afternoon.
  • Lovely as usual! Looks like lots of hard work to the children and staff thank you.
  • It was really special and a fantastic achievement for both staff and year one pupils.
  • The children seem to have grown a lot in confidence with their performance.

Year 2 Liturgy Epiphany 8.1.18

Y2 Parents Feedback


  • I really enjoyed the liturgy as always nice to see everyone together in the New Year.
  • Lovely liturgy – Great to see such enthusiasm from the children.
  • It was lovely and all the children were so well-behaved great as always.
  • Lovely Liturgy as always great to see the children joining in and taking part.
  • Very impressed, nice to see all the children involved and engaged.
  • Lovely celebration for the New Year.
  • Lovely singing, the children all did so well.
  • Wonderful as always so much hard work from the teachers and pupils.

Friday 15th December 2017

Bishop Mark came to visit St. Peter's Catholic Primary School.

Bishop Mark presented an assembly where he asked the children questions about being a Bishop and they were allowed to ask him some. Then it was a quick tour around the school, before stopping off in the Faith Room for a cup of tea with staff, Governors, parents and grandparents.

Reception Liturgy 13th November 2017

God's World and His Family

Reception Parent Feedback

  • It was lovely to see the children sing. They were so well behaved.
  • The children sat very well and enjoyed singing and joining in.
  • It was fantastic, the songs were brilliant, the children's readings were lovely and they were so well behaved. The staff have obviously worked very hard with the children. Thank you.
  • I really enjoyed today's Liturgy. It was lovely to see my daughter sing all of her new songs.
  • Very enjoyable lovely to see all the children taking part and getting involved.
  • Very good, nice to be invited and involved.
  • It was so lovely to see all the children involved in the Liturgy and how well they have learned the prayers and songs.
  • Absolutely lovely. children were amazing and the music was lovely.
  • so heart warming to watch. Thank you

Y3 Monday 6th October Liturgy 2017

World Food Day

Y3 Parent Feedback

  • A lovely Liturgy today, the children were all engaged and happy. Loved the hymns and the singing was amazing.
  • The children all enjoyed it as did we. The singing was lovely and it's great to see them learning the Gospel in such a lovely way.
  • Lovely to see each child have apart and to act out the Gospel. Lovely up beat songs.
  • Lovely singing. Children were very good.
  • Excellent singing , well done Year 3.
  • A beautiful Liturgy, lovely role play and singing.
  • As always the children's singing, reading and prayers were done so well and they enjoyed it too!

Y2 Liturgy Monday 2nd October 2017

The Lost Sheep

Year 2 Parent Feedback

  • Lovely, all the children did so well, lovely singing.
  • Wonderful as usual. All the children did exceptionally well.
  • Excellent, thank you so much.
  • Really enjoyed the Liturgy today, always do! Very heart warming.
  • Lovely Liturgy all very involved.
  • Lovely Liturgy, such well behaved and confident children.
  • Wonderful, friendly Liturgy. Well done all, very proud.
  • Thank you lovely to see the children and what they are doing.

Y1 Liturgy Monday 25th September 2017

Creation and Fishers of Men

Year 1 Parent Feedback

  • I enjoyed the songs.
  • Love to see them all.
  • They all did very well, such beautiful singing!
  • Lovely Liturgy the children did so well.
  • Lovely range - music, art and speaking.
  • The children were very well behaved, lovely singing.
  • It was lovely to see and hear all the children. the only downside was that we couldn't really see the pictures on the floor, otherwise it was great.
  • What a beautiful and caring display of what the children have learnt. Fabulous voices children, well done.
  • Really enjoyed it all, the children sang beautifully.
  • Very nice as usual and it's amazing how the children's voices have developed over the last year. Well done all.
  • Lovely to see the children showing their hard work to give everyone a peaceful and reflective experience.

Year 2 Class Liturgy 3rd July 2017

Year 2 Parent Feedback

  • A lovely service and well performed by the children. Made us very proud and appreciate all the staff effort.
  • Really enjoyed listening to the children.
  • Another lovely Liturgy. Wonderful to see every child taking part.
  • Lovely Liturgy - very confident readers.
  • The children presented themselves well.
  • Another enjoyable Liturgy. It's so lovely to see all of the children participate as always. The children clearly really enjoyed it.
  • Today's Liturgy was lovely! I loved the theme - looking back over the infant years was a perfect end to year 2. The hymns were brilliant as usual!
  • Always lovely to see out children in the classroom environment. Thank you!

Reception Class Liturgy 26th June 2017

Reception Parent Feedback

  • Absolutely fantastic. Well done Reception!
  • Great work - really enjoyed it.
  • Really enjoyed this happy celebration. The children were very well behaved.
  • Great to be able to see how the children have progressed. Great singing too.
  • Well organised, good work.
  • All the children were very good and it is much appreciated how hard the staff work.
  • Wonderful class liturgy as usual. The kids all love it and look so proud of themselves.

Y5 Class Mass 12th June 2017

Y5 Parent Feedback

  • Fabulous Mass as always! Great to see the whole class getting involved.
  • Another great Mass. All the children did brilliantly and thank you to Mr Webb.
  • Lovely Mass. Well done all.
  • Best year liturgy ever!

Y1 Class Liturgy 15th May 2017

Y1 Parent Feedback

  • Lovely as always - nice to see them all contributing.
  • Really interactive - great to see each child taking part.
  • Wonderful Liturgy as always. All the kids were amazing. Really appreciate all the work that goes into it.
  • Lovely to hear the children in Prayer and actively participating.
  • Very enjoyable, well done.
  • Lovely Liturgy. Nice story about the Olympian. Great songs.


Y4 Class Mass 8th May 2017


Y4 Parent Feedback 

  • Wonderful Mass. Beautifully done by the children.
  • Beautiful Mass. The children were so well behaved. Thank you for inviting us.
  • Loved it as always. Singing was beautiful.
  • Was a lovely Service. Really enjoyable.
  • Everyone played their part really well. Well done.
  • Very well organised and put together with lovely content.

Reception Liturgy 6th March 2017

Reception's Liturgy was about what makes us sad and happy, Jesus and the children and how we need to say sorry to others when we do something wrong

Reception Parent Feedback

  • It was a beautiful Liturgy - all the children did very well and were wonderfully behaved!
  • Really great Liturgy as always. Lovely to see how the children are progressing.
  • Wonderful as always. I enjoyed it as much as the children. A lovely story that engaged everyone. Thank you.
  • Lovely - thank you! Liturgy felt so calm and children obviously enjoyed carrying out their individual roles and singing together.
  • Well done Reception class. You have all worked so hard. What a pleasure to be part of!
  • It is always lovely to see all the children behaving and participating together so well. I really enjoyed it.
  • It was very enjoyable and lovely to see the children learning and singing together.
  • A wonderful Liturgy. All the children did brilliantly and were so well behaved.

Y1 Liturgy 30th January 2017

Y1s Liturgy was about friends and what makes a good friend.

Y1 Parent Feedback

  • Lovely Liturgy, nice that all were involved, very clear speaking and nice songs.
  • Great Liturgy. Good to see them so confident.
  • Fantastic Liturgy and great singing.
  • Beautiful, all brilliant, it is so clear so much hard work was put in.

Y2 Liturgy 23rd January 2017

The Liturgy was about a story of a man who was determined to find his lost sheep.

Y2 Parent Feedback

  • Wonderful Liturgy, the children spoke very well.
  • Lovely children with very confident children.
  • Really enjoyed it, especially having a fun element for the children. good to see every child participate again.
  • Thank you for a lovely Liturgy in which all the children were so well prepared. It's always a pleasure and a privilege to be allowed into the school and see our children.
  • Today's Liturgy was lovely and especially loved the song choices. The children behaved beautifully and really enjoyed it.

Reception Class Liturgy 14th November 2016 - God's World and God's Family

Reception Parent Feedback

  • Lovely to share a special time with the Reception class!  Many thanks. 
  • Very calm and happy Liturgy - Fantastic singing.  
  • A lovely gentle Liturgy. The children and teachers brought back many happy memories. 
  • Really wonderful to be part of their first Liturgy.  All the children did really well. 
  • Lovely Liturgy!  I thought the children sang beautifully.  I thought that they were so well behaved. 
  • Lovely.  Children were fantastic and well behaved. 
  • Lovely Liturgy. Very well presented by the children. Enjoyed it. 
  • This was a lovely experience. The children were beautifully behaved and sang and read well. 
  • It was really good.  Seems like all of the kids have been practising for years! Well done.
  • Firstly, thank you for teachers and the children's hard work and effort. Really enjoyed it. Well done everyone. 
  • Wonderful!  All the children did so well and were so well behaved. Thank you.
  • Super Liturgy!  Children were so well prepared and well behaved. 

Year 1 Class Liturgy 10th October 2016 - God's Great Plan

Yr 1 Parent feedback -

  • "Absolutely wonderful. All the kids were amazing. So much work went into the class Liturgy."
  • "Enjoyed the Liturgy and the singing."
  • "Lovely as always!"
  • "It was very enjoyable and the children sang and read beautifully.  Very lovely and endearing."
  • "Wonderful and so inspiring."
  • "Lovely to see the class singing, talking and gaining confidence.  Smiled all the way through."
  • "Lovely to see all the children involved and having fun."
  • "Fantastic, I could not stop smiling."
  • "Great Liturgy. Lovely singing and happy children."
  • "As always, absolutely beautiful."

Year 2 Class Liturgy 3rd October 2016 - Gifts and Talents

Yr 2 Parent feedback -

  • "Really enjoyed the Liturgy.  Good to see all children actively involved (as always)."
  • "Very lovely Liturgy.  Class read beautifully and were very well behaved."
  • "Enjoyed this time to think, sing and pray with the children.  They all did so well!"
  • "Lovely.  All the children were so attentive.  Well done."
  • "As ever, it is lovely being able to see my daughter at a school event, thank you."
  • "Beautiful Liturgy today. Especially loved the songs! A lovely experience & very well planned.  Thank you for having us!"
  • "Enjoyed the music and the actions by the children."
  • "Very lovely Liturgy.  All the kids attentive.  Very interesting when they were showing their talents.  Satisfied 100%."



Year 3 Class Liturgy 26th September 2016 - Harvest

Y3 Parent feedback -

  • "Beautiful.  The children were very clear and the singing, especially the last song was lovely."
  • "I thought it was wonderful how all the children were so involved."
  • "Lovely - thank you!"
  • "A really lovely liturgy.  Lots of lovely thoughts shared!"
  • "Thank you - very meaningful."
  • "Well done!"

Y5 Class Mass 11th July 2016 - Peace

Y5 Parent feedback -

  • All the children were wonderful with great confidence and clear speaking. The power point was fabulous especially as not all the words were known by parents. Content of prayers and comments from pupils was thoughtful and honest.
  • Great theme, great hymns, great singing and great reflections. Great the whole class was involved, thank you.
  • Thank you for inviting us to share in a beautiful Mass. Everyone carried out their individual parts brilliantly.
  • Fantastic, really well done to everyone and really inspiring. A message I really needed to hear this afternoon.

Reception Class Liturgy 27th June 2016 about New Life and The Church

Reception Parent feedback -

  • Lovely to see them all grow with confidence over the year.
  • Very good Liturgy.
  • All the children were excellent.
  • Lovely and inclusive for all of them.
  • Great Liturgy, loved the singing, lovely they all got to speak.
  • Beautifully read by all the children.
  • It was wonderful. Well done all of you!
  • Lovely service , they all did so well.

Y2 Class Liturgy 20th June 2016

Y2 Parent feedback -

  • I liked the singing.
  • All children included in the Liturgy. A very happy occasion.
  • Really lovely Liturgy, well planned and the singing was great, thanks.
  • All the children spoke really clearly and lovely singing.
  • The children all did a wonderful job. It was a pleasure to watch, thank you!
  • Lovely and entertaining as usual. never disappointed. the children have grown so much.
  • Thank you for organising the Liturgy, we really enjoyed sharing this with the children and school.

Y1 Class Liturgy 23rd May 2016 about how God takes care of everything

Y1 Parent feedback -

  • It was good to see how all the children have grown. Everyone took an active part and enjoyed it. Well done.
  • Lovely, thanks.
  • Another great Liturgy and great to see so many parents supporting the children.
  • Very interesting Liturgy. It's so nice to look at all the children singing and reading.
  • It's lovely to see the children growing in confidence since earlier in the year.
  • The Liturgy was beautiful today. The children all looked so happy and confident. I loved the theme of the hymns.
  • Absolutely lovely. The children were excellent.

Y4 Class Mass 16th May about the importance of our 'Hands'

Y4 Parent feedback -

  • Lovely chance to share Mass with the class.
  • A lovely Mass, well done everyone.
  • Lovely service, thanks for inviting family.
  • Ethos great. Children's responses good and clear. Superbly behaved. The children enjoyed participating in the Mass and concentrated well. Singing excellent!
  • Lovely especially liked the clay hands.
  • Lovely Mass.
  • Well done Thomas on your solo.
  • Thought provoking and enjoyable as usual. Makes me want to go to Church more!

The Year of Mercy - Wednesday 27th April 2016

As part of The Year of Mercy celebrations, six children from year 5 attended a Liturgy at St. Christopher’s Church in Romiley on Wednesday 27th April 2016.  In school, the children had listened to and discussed the parable of The Rich Man and Lazarus. The also made a banner based on what each of them took from the parable. During the service the children presented the banner and delivered their thoughts on the message in the parable. They also read a prayer that they had written. Children from a number of other local primary schools were also present at the service. 

Holy Week March 2016  

This week we have been travelling with Jesus to Calvary.

21st March 2016 - Reception Liturgy

Reception Parent feedback -

  • Lovely Liturgy. So nice how all of the children are involved. 
  • How wonderfully behaved and informed the children were; and how quickly the many hands went up to Father Peter's requests. 
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the class Liturgy. Loved how all of the class were involved.  I loved the actions that they did.  
  • Lovely Liturgy. The children were all very well behaved. Thank you!
  • Really enjoyed seeing the children interact with each other. The story was simple and saying sorry is relevant for their age!
  • Thank you so much. It's lovely to see what the children have been learning and to see them in class. 


14th March 2016 - Year 3 Liturgy


Y3 Parent feedback -

  • The children spoke clearly and sang beautifully at the Liturgy today. The message of sharing and forgiving came across well.  
  • I enjoyed the Liturgy and it was very clear that they children thoroughly enjoyed themselves too.  I liked that each child from the class participated in the Liturgy.  Many thanks for all your hard work.  
  • I really enjoyed the Liturgy today.  They all ready really well, also every child took part.  A treat to attend. 
  • I loved the Liturgy today.  The children are delightful and lovely to see them all take part together in Liturgy. 
  • The Year 3 class Liturgy was lovely, although it would have been nice for the children to face the parents when they sang the song with the actions.  The children sang beautifully. 

23rd November 2015 - Reception Liturgy

God's World and his Family


God created a beautiful world for us to look after and enjoy. Our Liturgy celebrated God's gift of the beautiful world and our families.

Reception Parent feedback:-

  • Thank you for having the parents/grandparents. I felt very proud of all the children. They all did very well and were so well behaved. My child read his part very well - it's great to see his development.
  • Beautiful! Such a lovely, well behaved, well spoken group of children. A very enjoyable Liturgy, we're very proud.
  • The Liturgy was wonderful and very enjoyable! The children participated in a very well-behaved, interactive manner - they seemed to enjoy their roles and presenting how God created the world. It was a pleasure to watch and the singing was lovely.
  • It was lovely and a credit to the teachers for how well all the children participated and behaved.
  • The children were really focused in the Liturgy. This is a credit to the teachers and staff who work with the children.

16th November 2015 - Y1 Liturgy

God's plan - Creation

Y1 Parent feedback

  • Beautiful singing and fantastic prayers during a lovely liturgy by Year 1. The children were enthusiastic throughout the Liturgy.
  • Fantastic singing, beautiful prayers, wonderful reading, well behaved children.
  • A lovely Liturgy and such well behaved children. Always a pleasure to attend.
  • It was really nice to see all the children participate actively in the Liturgy.
  • What a lovely service, the children read and sang very well and were very well behaved. Thank you for letting us watch the Liturgy.
  • A lovely opportunity to pray with the children. Beautiful singing and actions. Well done Year 1!
  • Lovely Liturgy, great to see all children involved and happy, smiling faces.

9th November 2015 - Y6 Mass


Y6 Parent feedback

  • It was a beautiful Mass. The songs of praise were beautifully thoughtful. It was nice to know the children had chosen them. Fr Peter was surprised/impressed with the opening song "Mary's prayer."
  • A very thoughtful and moving Mass by Year 6 with the theme of Remembrance. The poems, prayers and singing were all of an extremely high standard. Well done to all the children.

19th October 2015 - Y4 Class Mass



Y4 Parent feedback

  • The Mass was lovely and the children were all very well behaved.
  • Absolutely lovely. Well prepared and delivered. Children were very well behaved and a credit.
  • Very nice service - Carl was fantastic in his solo.
  • Really lovely and enjoyable Mass. Great to see all the children involved. Thank you!
  • Very interesting and good to see all the children involved.
  • Children were very good.
  • Always a pleasure to attend Mass at school. Singing was beautiful, Mass was inspiring and relevant to Y4 children. A lovely community feel. Children very well behaved.

12th October 2015 - Y5 Mass

Caretaker's of the World

Y5 Parent feedback

  • Lovely Mass - a grown up topic and the children rose to the occasion. It is a theme that can be carried forward through healthy eating in DT, gardening, Eco, sustainability, walk to school. Lots of ways to bring the message to the children through the curriculum.
  • A lovely Mass and so nice to see ALL the children actively enjoying and confidently taking part.        Thank you, Mr Webb.
  • I think it is great that each child has an opportunity to take part in the Mass. It was fantastic that the children could talk about the "Gifts from God" in their own words making them think how lucky they are. I thoroughly enjoyed the Mass.
  • The "Our World - A Gift from God" Mass was wonderful. It was excellently organised and all of Year 5 participated and showed consideration for the world. Thank you Mr Webb and Miss Downing, for all of your hard work in creating such an enjoyable Year 5 Mass. I enjoyed being able to participate in the hymns, prayers and being part of the audience.


28th September 2015  -  Y2 Liturgy 

The Lost Sheep